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If you are looking for a kick start to get you up, running and ready for employment then Yorkshire Coast Colleges Kick Start course can provide you with the ideal start. The course has no exams and the assessments focus on building your practical skills and knowledge. It's perfect for those aged 16+ who might be struggling to find a job or a sense of direction.


Listen to our podcast to hear more about the Kick Start Programme

Or check out the information below to see what you could gain by taking that first step into employment. 


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Functional skills offers the chance to gain transferable skills in Maths and English. Whilst you can complete functional skills as part of the Kick Start programme you can also do them as FREE stand alone modules.

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Learn essential employability skills including how to communicate & work as a team, customer service skills, basic health & safety in work knowledge & how to make products and offer a service. 


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Build on your practical skills & knowledge & gain valuable work experience that you can transfer into paid employment or further education. So whether you want to be a performer, hairdresser, engineer or work in the health sector; the sky is the limit! 


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No idea what you want from your career or where to start? Take a look at the Career Coach to find a career suggestions  along with local data on wages, employment and associated education and training.


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 If you're still not sure if the Kick Start Course is for you then take a look how former student Neil got on and where he's going next here.


If you'd love to find out more about Yorkshire Coast college's Kick Start course or are considering just brushing up on your functional skills then complete the form below and Yorkshire Coast College will send you all the information you require to make the first step in kick starting your new year.

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