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Win Your Wedding At Raven Hall Hotel


Meet you Win Your Wedding Finalists!  These three lucky couples will be joining us at The Raven Hall Country House Hotel in Ravenscar on Sunday 2 April to compete for the big prize.

Win Your Wedding 2017

Meet your Win Your Wedding Finalists 2017

There are 3 photos in this competition shortlist.

Vote For Rose Breeden & Stuart Barker

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Scarborough born Stuart first met Rose on a night out in Plymouth but due to Stuarts job in the military it took quite a while before the pair eventually became a couple. Fast forward and Stuart flew Rose out to meet him in Dubai where he was on a stand down period. On Christmas morning the couple headed out on a helicopter ride before going shopping and heading out for a meal. Whilst Rose was busy filming a fountain Stuart was busy getting down on one knee to pop the question and the rest is history!


Watch this video to find out what the pair think each others worst habits are...

Vote For Sophie Butler & Robert Dowson

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Whilst Sophie and Robert saw each other in 2012 they didn't actually meet properly until Sophie added Robert as a friend on Facebook in 2016. The couple clicked instantly and not long after Robert took Sophie out for a birthday meal where he gave her a letter to read out loud which ended with him on one knee asking her to marry him. The couple now have a beautiful daughter and are desperate to win their dream wedding!


Watch the video to find out about the things Robert does for Sophie... it must be love  ...


Vote For Stephanie Whitaker & Michael Beasley

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7 years ago  Stephanie drove past Michael and stuck her tongue out at him and whilst not the most conventional chat up line it must have worked as he tracked her down and within 6 months the pair were living together! 5 years later and Michael decided it was time to pop the question and told their kids his plans. The kids who are just 3 and 5 amazingly managed to keep the secret and after popping them to bed on Christmas Eve Michael gave Stephanie an early Christmas present.. an engagement ring!

After a truly terrible year where Michael has been diagnosed with Huntington's disease the pair are desperate to create some positivity in their young families lives by winning their perfect wedding.

Watch this vide to hear about their story...


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