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Duck Race 2017

Duck Race - Win £5K

Our Duck Race Is Back...

Yorkshire Coast Radio is giving away £5000 and you could be our lucky winner! Our Duck Race returns to Dalby Forest at 12pm on Sunday 10th September and with £5K on offer, you'd be quackers to miss out!

We'll be racing 100 plastic ducks down the stream, if yours is first across the line – you win £5000!

If you'd like to bag yourself one of our 100 ducks then make sure you're listening to Yorkshire Coast Radio every day from Monday 14th August.

1 - Katie

Won By Tina Hepworth from Scarborough

2 - Bingo

Won By Chris Robinson from Scarborough

3 - Seymore Clearly

Won By Paul Witty from Scarborough

4- George

Won by Fiona Smith from Scarborough

5 - Ella-Rose

Won by Peter McWatt from Scarborough

6 - Diamond

Won By Mandy Johnson from Staxton

7- Jack

Won By Pete Clarkson from Bridlington

8 - Outdoors

Won By Jonathan Coles from Scarborough

9 - McDonalds Big Quack

Won by Patricia Hunter from Scarborough

10 - Yorkie

Won By Barbara Gibson from Whitby

11 -Duck Martens

Won by Sam Jackson from Bridlington

12 -Dinky Duck

Won by Suzanne McDonald from Scarborough

13 - Brian

Won by Catherine Furness in Filey

14 - Fishy

Won By Linda Coates from Scarborough

15 - Mucky

Won by Sue Humphreys from Filey

16 - Toilet Duck

Won by Kath West from Scarborough

17 - Smirnoff

Won by Kathryn King from Scarborough

18 - Winner

Won by Stephen Mitchell from Scarborough

19 - Duck Rodgers

Won by Kath Overfield from Scarborough

20 - Toolio

Won by Elaine Cook from Scarborough

21 - Ditto

Won by Denise Scott from Scarborough

22 - Woody

Won by Susan Woodhouse from Staxton

23 - Ness

Won by Jane Todd from Scarborough

24 -Teapot

Won by Diane Hagan from Scarborough

25 - Infocus

Won by Coleen Doolin in Scarborough

26 - Moz

Won by Pippa Habberley from Bridlington

27 - Served With Chips

Won by Steph Coles from Scarborough

28 -Lola

Won by Simon Stringer from Scarborough

29 - Juke

Won by Julie Short from Scarborough

30 - Steve Mallard

Won by Jane Marson from Scarborough

31 - Stumpy

Won by Tracey Pickard from Scarborough

32 - Mallard

Won by Tracy Wood from Scarborough

33 - Pecking

Won by Kerry Gray from Scarborough

34 - Donald

Won by Anne-Marie Crane from Scarborough

35 - Quirky

Won by Janet Hird in Falsgrave

36 - Lucky

Won by Lisa Beesley from Egton Bridge


Won by Anne Wilcox from Scarborough

38 - Mystique

Won by John Wilson from Bridlington

39 - Daffy

Won by Suzi Ord from Scarborough

40 - Casio

Won by Stephanie Denton from Bridlington

41 -Tav

Won by Paul I'Anson from Scarborough

42- Snainton Golf

Won By Shane Broadley from Whitby

43 - Paul

Won by Lynn Griffiths from Wykeham

44 - Chardonnay

Won by Fiona Busby from Scarborough

45 -Claire

Won by Jane Donaldson from Scarborough

46 - Dawny Duck

Won by Dan Smith from Whitby

47 - Beaky

Won by Rebecca Rhodes from Filey

48 - Matilda

Won by Sarah Dudley from Scarborough

49 - PJ

Won by Carole Ramsden from Scarborough

50 - Davey

Won by Martin Thomas from Bridlington

51- Dirty Duck

Won by Paula Deakin from Osgodby

52 - Firebird

Won by Peter Broadley from Whitby

53 - Nancy

Won by Jess Stanforth from Scarborough

54 - Tipsy

Won by Gary Bourne from Scarborough

55 - Hadduck & Chips

Won by Hedley Mumford from Scarborough

56 -Farrers

Won by Kev Sixsmith from Whitby

57 - Silver

Won by Philippa Ward from Egton Bridge

58 - Quackers

Won by Sarah Wilson from Bridlington

59 - Carl

Won By Mary Bailey from Filey

60- Tilly

Won by Mandy Crosby from Bridlington


Won by John Newill from Scarborough

62 - Freddy

Won by Andrew Dobson from Hunmanby

63 - Billers

Won By Emily Stanforth-Kirk from Scarborough

64 - Pinkney Puddle Duck

Won by Jo Leefe in Sherburn

65 - Pedro

Won by Ian Marsay from Scalby Mills

66 - Dunslow Duck

Won by Julie Barker from Scarborough

67- Riverside

Won by Karen Suffall in Scarborough

68- Mighty Lancelot

Won by Jerry Banks from Bridlington

69 - James

Won by Paula Wade from Scarborough

70 - Jemima

Won by Helen Osburn from Gristhorpe

71 - Molly

Won by Katie Jemison from Bridlington

72 - Webby

Won by Jordan Malpas from Scarborough

73 - Milburn

Won by Elaine McGowan from Scarborough

74 - Shells

Won by John Hall from Whitby

75 - Maxine

Won by Carey Robinson from Scarborough

76 - Bootie

Won by Janet Hood from Bridlington

77 - Cupcake

Won By Karola Powell from Scarborough

78 - Kobi

Won by Jenny Malone from Scarborough

79 - Reggie

Won by Chris Bell from Scarborough

80 - Limited Edition

Won by Bridget Savage from Scarborough

81 - Alexander

Won by Jim Buckingham from Bridlington

82 - Quackers

Won by Kirsty Thomas from Scarborough

83 - Amelia

Won by Karl Ward from Eastfield

84 - Chloe

Won by Dave Mortimer from Whitby

85 - QuackyMcQuacky Face

Won by Alison Jenkinson from Scarborough

86 - Murray Hills

Won by Andrea Hudson from Eastfield

87 - Buddy Lucky

Won by Charlene Marsay from Scarborough

88 - Martin

Won by Donna Ruddock from Bridlington

89 - Shorty

Won by Andrea Haynes in Bridlington

90 - Two Little Ducks

Won by Lee Sayo in Bridlington


Won by Denise Mann from Scarborough

92 - Brookie Duckie

Won by Trish Webster from Scarborough

93 - Benji

Won by Sharon Dixon from Scarborough

94 - Rock Up

Won by Pauline Storry from West Heslerton

95 - Cosmo

Won by Anne Cooper from Scarborough

96 - Dexters

Won by John Blake from East Ayton

97 - Lockwood

Won By Dawn Foster in Newby

98 - Conor

Won by Jody Pinchin in Scarborough

99 - Smugglers

Won By Anna Bruce in Whitby

100 - Bobby

Won by Jo Ireland from Scarborough

Duck Race Terms & Conditions

  • Competition rounds will be played on-air from Monday 14th August until Monday 4th September 2017. 
  • Contestants must be aged 18 or over and be resident in Yorkshire Coast Radio's transmission area, determined by the following postcodes: YO11 2, YO11 3, YO12 5, YO12 6, YO12 7, YO13, 0, YO13 9, YO14, 0, YO14 9, YO15 1, YO15 2, YO15 3, YO16 4, YO16 6, YO16 7, YO17 8 YO21 1, YO21 3, YO22 4, YO22 5
  • If the contestant chosen to play correctly guesses the number of 'quacks' in the competition round they will be assigned a 'duck' number.
  • The duck race will take place at 12pm on Sunday 10th September 2017 at Dalby Forest.
  • Only one person per household may compete in the duck race event.
  • The winning duck will be the first duck to cross the finish line.
  • The prize is £5,000.
  • Yorkshire Coast Radio's standard terms and conditions apply.