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The Wish List with SWC Trade Frames

The Wish List

Here's the wishes received so far...

To fly in a helicopter, be treated like a star for the day, with red carpet treatment, followed by a meal with my friends - Meral Dawe

A full gym membership at The Crown Spa Health Club - Sarah Stanbridge

To take my children to Disneyland so they could meet their favourite characters - Kim Hellewell

A tumble dryer.  I have 3 children, including an autistic 5 year old who gets changed 4x a day and I'm struggling to keep up on washing and know it's only going to get harder when it's too cold and rainy to use the washing line - Nicola Reynolds

A new door fitted with the Yale keyfree digital remote door lock, it would be so handy for my circumstances, it would mean I could pop into back garden knowing my aged father was safe from harm, yet if need be he could get out of the house with no problem - Will Snell

A new front door and windows I am planning for my new porch - Simon White

To meet Luke Friend when he comes to the Open Air Theatre - Victoria Barker

As always there are many wishes a family man would love to make....after 7 hard years trying to get the family home something like me and the wife are nearly there, hard to choose 1 from the following, new kitchen, new dorma roof and the simplest of them all a upvc back door because our wooden one is rotten. Any of which would be welcomed by my beautiful family of 4 - Carl Wilson

I wish for a really lovely new bathroom, it's only small but I'd love it to look amazing  , somewhere to really relax in after a long shift - Fiona Marshall

To have a caravan holiday at Primrose Valley for me and my daughters and my son and his family. My daughters just love goin there but finances with being a full time working single mum have been too stretched to go on holiday for last few years. My son and his family have never had a holiday together and my grandson is now 5 ( the youngest is 2) so a family holiday would be a dream come true for this Grandma - Sharron Machin

For a new bath as we only have a wet room shower and its hard for my children they would love a bath. It would be a wish come true - Katy Townsend

To be able to take my nan away on a cruise somewhere warm.  would love the chance to do this before it got to a point where she couldnt travel anymore - Rebecca Ryder

For my lovely husband to have a Grandmother clock that he's always wanted. It would bring back cherished memories of his Grandma who saved his life when he was a baby - Michelle Berriman

We would love to have a new back door. Ours is old and the frame is falling apart, but can't afford to replace it - Nicola Bennett

For my girlfriend to be taken on a pamper day where she can just chill out for the day with her daughter - Brian Collins

I would love to take my children to Lapland to visit Santa at Christmas, a once in a lifetime trip that's every childs dream - Leanne Welford

My wish is not for me, but for my 21 year old daughter and her partner. On the 16th January this year they lost their son,(my grandson) aged just 3 months. It would be wonderful to get him a headstone, we are all saving but still nowhere near - Lara Oldfield

To take my lovely family to stay in a caravan at Flamingoland for a few days. We have had a very tough 12 months as my middle Daughter was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. So I have not been able to take them away even for a short break this year - Carolyn Holland

We would love to turn our garage into a room for our two very musical boys to practice in - Lindsay Barker

My friend need her car fixing and servicing. Her boyfriend died in a bike accident on15th of August. He had his own garage and he would have fixed it for her if he was still here so she won't take it anywhere else - Lee Pennock

For my daughter to have a bath in her house instead of a wet room shower. The wet room shower was in the property when she moved in and its made for people with disabilities. Her children are only young and they would much prefer a bath - Carol Townsend

For the Snowdrop Appeal to reach it's target. It is such a worthy cause and they have done so much to raise what they have - Dave Horn

I wish to have patio doors into our back room. Every time we get any savings, we seem to have a calamity and the money has to be used else where - Pauline Rawling

For some spending money for November, as I am on a diet and working out as I am trying to loose weight for my two year anniversary with my boyfriend. I am having trouble finding a job and have no money to buy anything nice - Abigail Daniel

I wish I had a couple of thousand pounds for a fantastic holiday for my 25th wedding anniversary in October. My husband has always wanted to go to the Maldives but we will never be able to afford it  - Leigh Ann Lomax

To propose to my girlfriend. I have saved up towards the ring but I am wanting to arrange someone to sky write while we are either at Peasholm Park or on the Big Boats on Seafront - Unknown

I wish to Save Our Shoreline and get 25 new 'sponsored' Beach Keepers Volunteer Rangers, one for each of SWC anniversary years - Shane Barker

I would love to take my little girls for a fun family day out to Whitby on North Yorkshire moors steam train, they would absolutely love it - Emma Guy

I wish to go see my sons. One is in Cambridge and 2 are in London. Although we talk on skype, i long to see them in person and have a hug - Anna Marie Bruce

I would very much like to nominate 'Scarborough Sea Cadets' to receive a 'WISH' from SWC.They are in desperate need for some new Boys & Girls Toilets -Richard Robinson

My wish would be for me and my mum to be able to have a spa day together, we have both had a stressful few years and to be able to do something we have always wanted to and never been able to afford would be a dream come true  - Kayleigh Edge

For my friend, who has a disabled son, to have her house cleared and paved, enabling her to have an outdoor relaxation area  to enjoy with her son and her family - Kathryn King

Before I left the forces I had my lambretta stolen [my pride and joy]. SSAFA have been great by being there, my love of scooters has never left me.  I wish each night I had a scooter all the more now in the scooter season. I want a scooter to help raise funds for Help for Heroes, so our boys and girls returning know there's help for them - Stephen Reilly

I would like to wish for you to organise some sort of treat for my husband to be, Bernard Gallon.  We are due to get married on Saturday November 1st 2014 in Whitby.  Unfortunately he has suffered from a detached retina and after having surgery he has been off work for a month up to press.  It might be October/November before he can go back to work and with him only getting sick pay he is worrying about money.  We have had to cancel the honeymoon as he had gas put in his eye during the operation which prevents him from being able to fly.  It would be lovely if you could organise him some sort of treat whether its a couple of days away after the wedding or even a meal somewhere - Elizabeth Barthram

Me and my sisters wish is to treat our parents to a relaxed day out as they do so much for our huge family of 6 girls - Saffron Puccinelli

My wish is to get my kitchen extension fixed - Laura Mann

I wish for a new front door for my nana as hers is falling apart and she is very old - Greta Valancius

To get the all important third bedroom and princess pink it up for our daughter Phoebe who is 1 on Sunday 24th August.  She's currently sharing her big brother Finlay's bedroom - Hayley Baker

My wish is a £4000 voucher to spend at the eden mobility shop this would go towards a big enough mobility scooter that would get me the baby and 1 of the children on. being disabled my self and having 2 disabled children getting around can be really hard I also have a baby which really should be in a pram but as I can't walk to far I can't push it so we don't get out much if I had this we could do so much more - Sarah Teare

My mum is a full time carer for my dad who suffers from parkinsons and alzheimers,she loves spending time in the garden as they don't go out much but they have a garage that is really badly positioned in the middle of the garden, She would love to have this either made smaller (as it is only used to store things) or moved to the back of the garden so that she could spend more time in the garden where my dad could see her. However it has an asbestos roof.This would make a huge difference to their quality of life - Jennifer Middleton

My wish is to do the ice bucket challenge with Tom, Paddy and Richard in town with an audience to raise money for the Snowdrop Appeal...bring it on boys! - Lisa Askew

To be able to use a velomobile for the cycle I do as part of my commute to work. I cycle to mMalton station and back 3 times a week from Snainton in all weathers and seasons. A velomobile would make the journey quicker (by a 1/3rd), and less cold and wet, and still be a green solution (as opposed to getting a second car!) - Stuart Mathers

My wish would be to win £5000 so that I could pay my debts off and have enough left over to take my boys on their first ever holiday - Emma Lethbridge

I have two things in life that I have really wanted to do and have not been able to do either so if you could do one of them it would be a dream come true one is to see Rod Stewart in concert and the other is I have never been abroad - Julie Short

I wish we could afford a new front door to finish our house and keep the house warmer this winter for our new 8 week old son - Simon Brown

It is my 21st birthday on Christmas Day. I am a carer so unfortunately have to work it. It really would be amazing if I could meet Ant and Dec. I went to see the tour but unfortuntely did not get good seats so didn't get to meet them. It really is all I would like to do - Abigail Hutchinson

I wish I had a conservatory where I could sit and take full advantage of my garden no matter what the weather - Joan Fenwick

I would like to give my wife her wish. After a long illness, she was finally given the devastating news that she had cancer, after several misdiagnosis. We had only got married a couple of years previous.  She would like to go WING WALKING! She said she would do this when she hit 5 years in remission, but being the way she is, she would only do it if it would raise cash and awareness, which is becoming harder each time and so far, has not been able to achieve it. I would love for her wish to come true, whizzing through the air over the South Bay, doing something for herself for once, without having to think of others. Its her time now - Andrew Askew

I would wish for my garden to be landscaped and fence panel repaired. Something simple us non-gardeners can manage - Maggie Smith

I wish to learn how to fly a helicopter - Ben Stonehouse

To ride in a Eddie Stobart truck - Jordan Richardson

I would like to wish for a holiday for me, my sister and my son (aged 3) I just can't afford to take him on holiday as I have recently been diagnosed with Crohn's disease and I'm a single parent - Sara George

I'm about to move to a new house and it has a very large garden. My wish would be to get help to do the digging and tree removal. If this wasn't possible, just a pro to design the garden would be fantastic! - Linda Parsison

I wish I could have a memorial bench for my Dad, who I lost to cancer last year and my late brother who died tragically at the young age of 42. They both loved Bridlington North side close to the coast guard station - Suzanne Waldron

I wish to have a multi-fuel fire fitted, the fireplace is done, just need the fire and the chimney lining.  We were in the process of doing this when my husband ended up having emergency major surgery and has just been finished from work, due to ill health, feel we now can never get it finish and would be extactic and enormously grateful if this wish could be granted - Barbara Adnitt

I wish that the dance group Diversity would come on a scuba diving holiday with me in the Red Sea - Lorna West

My wish is to jump out of an aeroplane for charity.   The charity I would want to do my jump for is Interactive.  It's a children and young peoples charity that work with children and young people with special needs.  Its a valuable service in Whitby. - Amanda Davidson

I would like to wish for our first family holiday to Centre Parcs in Sherwood Forest for myself, husband, two young children, both sets of grandparents and auntie and uncle as we have had such a hard time with money, job losses and illnesses over the last few years between us all and would love a chance to be given a nice break and relax - Sarah Creelman

I wish I could have a holiday to euro Disney for the family and grandchildren over Christmas we have had illnesses and money troubles in the family over the past years and it would be such a wonderful surprise for the grandchildren - Susan Grainger

I would wish for our garage to be fitted with electric so that when my son comes back from his tour as he is in the RAF he can have somewhere of his own to stay - John Grainger

I wish I could have £2500 so that I could pay my main bills and debts off and treat our 19 month and our 11day old baby to a well deserved uk break - Kevin Creelman

My partner and his brother want to meet there favorite band called Blue October, they go to every concert in Manchester but never met them face to face, would be amazing for them both - Kelly Harland

I wish that some day I can meet 5 Seconds of Summer or The Vamps because Ashton from 5 Seconds of Summer is one of the reasons that I didnt give up on school when I was having a tough time because he went through the same and explained to his fans not to give up and I would love to thank him and I would like to meet The Vamps because I am their biggest fan ever- Courtney Richardson

I would love to spend a day crafting at Create and Craft in Peterborough, with creative expressions Phill Martin and Tonics Jodie Johnson.  I love crafting and these people are my crafty idols - Emma Duchart

I wish we had a new double glazed front door so we could sell our house easier which would mean we wouldn't have to sell any of our snakes. If we moved to a 3 bedroomed house we could use one of the bedrooms to put the snakes in and my husband would be able to keep them which would help him with his bi-polar - Andrea Guilfoyle

My family (mum, brother and I) have had an extremely hard few years starting with the death of my father in 2007. My mum has always been there for me and my brother even though this has been extremely hard for her. I would love for the three of us to have a few days in Disney Land Paris and be able to treat my mum and make her feel special - Amy Brown

To take my more than deserving girlfriend on a relaxing weekend break in the UK - Ryan Walker

I would love for the three of us to have a few days in Disney Land Paris and be able to treat my mum and make her feel special - Amy Brown

I wish for a holiday (any holiday!) for me and my boyfriend. He was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma earlier this year and it has been so hard and stressful for both of us and he has battled so hard, he just deserves a break where he can relax and get his strengths back - Charlotte Edge

To be able to fly my son and fiance to Louisiana for our honeymoon so that they can meet my family and they can meet their nephew/grandson and my husband. We've got a small budget for the wedding which doesn't allow for a honeymoon and they can't come to us for the wedding. They've followed my son as best they can through computer and phone since birth but he's now 2 and they'd love to meet him - Mikayla Cyphers

To have a holiday abroad somewhere warm to celebrate my boyfriends 18th birthday (September) - Chloe Dobson

I wish for a day off the housework!

It would make my year for someone to come do it for me so I could put my feet up for a day! Sick of my never ending laundry pile! - Jenn Allen

Double glazing in my new home ready for winter! - Carey Robinson

I wish my family and I could go to legoland windsor for a few days in October half term - Rebecca Armistead

My wish would be to be able to get my son a Thomas the Tank Engine bed. He would love it so much - Kayleigh McWatt

I wish that I had enough money to pay my rent and bills off for the next 3 months just to give me and my fiancée (who has just moved in with me and my 2 kiddies) the chance to get on top of things then we can stay on top - Sammy Dunkerton

I wish I could get my hair cut & styled!! I haven't been able to afford it for a couple of years or so, and it just keeps growing. Fine and with split ends, I'm beginning to resemble the Witch of the Yorkshire Coast! - Tamar Craker

My older sister died 28 years ago as a baby and we've never been able to afford a headstone for her grave. I'd love to be able to do that for my mum - Sara Beautyman

I wish for the use of a small van for the weekend to go collect my 7 year old daughters dolls house that grandad handmade. We moved to scarborough (from 200 miles away) 1 year ago for another fresh start and all my daughter keeps asking for is her dolls house that grandad made which is still at her Dads house. I have replaced most things in time but this is one thing i cant just replace with another item - Michelle Solomon

To have all the family together for one night we had 2 of family with cancer just be nice for time day out some where nice - Stephen Mitchell

I wish for someone to redecorate my parents' lounge and staircase wall (in the lounge).  My mum (74) is disabled and has just beat cancer and my dad (81) has health problems - it would make their day as they used to be able to do the decorating themselves but are not now able to - Mandy Marr

I have been struggling to build my own house for the last ten years and against all odds I am slowly getting there. My wish is for three folding sliding doors to complete total wind and water tight - Elizabeth Scott

My mum and my nan has been wanting to go on a holiday together for ages and hasnt been able to get around to do it. They would both love a week away on a cruise just the 2 of them. If you could make this wish come true i will be the most happiest person ever. They deserve this holiday - Zak Doubtfire

We moved nearly 15 months ago and have managed to decorate our front room and sort out the garden,and our wish would be nice to have the rest of our house decorated and carpets.we dont want anything fancy, it just would be nice to have a normal house and finally unpacked our things because we have only got out what we need for now - Maggie Collinson

For my daughter Deborah to meet Micheal Bolton next time he is in concert in the UK.    She has been a big fan since he first started out so I hope she is successful in getting my wish for her granted  - Ian Connell

In April 2014 I co-founded an organisation called 'Beach Keepers' in Scarborough. Since then volunteers have visited our local community beaches over 170 times and lifted over 300 sacks of beach litter and marine waste. We are desperately trying to develop this effort and recruit more volunteers and get them tackling all our local beaches all year round. This will protect wildlife, enhance the environment and improve beach safety for all our beach users.

We are currently trying to raise funds to purchase a second-hand van to transport equipment to the various beaches for the volunteers to use and for it to be used to collect donations for the fund raising shop.

My wish is to have a second-hand van so that funds can go directly to purchasing kit for more volunteers. ( perhaps an old SWC van !!!) - Terena Tomlinson

My self and my partner are just moving into our bungalow and our wish would be that our garden could be done for us - Carol Dirom

In April 2014 I co-founded an organisation called 'Beach Keepers' in Scarborough. Since then volunteers have visited our local community beaches over 170 times and lifted over 300 sacks of beach litter and marine waste.

Our wish is to have 25 weeks of Yorkshire Coast Radio adverts, that have been professionally produced ( and hopefully have Tom Hooper to do the voice over - he's our favourite D.J) - This is a week's advert for every year old SWC anniversary.  In the advert we would like to publicise our organisation to recruit volunteers and to encourage people to support our fund raising shop on Falsgrave Road - Shane Barker

We would like someone who is good at DIY to do a bit of maintenance on some of our pens , also our strimmer has died so a new one would be of a great help to us - Scarborough Wildlife Trust

My wish is to be able to afford a dream holiday for me and my best friend to New York. I've always wanted to go,for as long as I remember - Amy Marr

I wish that someone would come and decorate my hallway and replace the doors - Christine McCoubrey

If I had the money what would take piority, well, the double glazing is over 20years old but the Gas central heating is 30 years at least. Both I expect are near the end of there life. I am only a few years away from when I could retire but cannot afford to do so - Howard Brooks

I wish I could have a pond with running water feature in it to give my garden somewhere for me to relax from my medical problems just love to sit with running water takes my mind of my pain and other issues - Yvonne Lowe

Working with Young Carers is rewarding and I would like to see some of their wishes come true. Young Carers want to have the same opportunities as their peers, to have fun and time away from their caring role, and meet others who also have a caring role. These group activities are not within our core funding, we have to find it.

We can devise an outing, activity or workshop to any funding received. For example £40 would enable us to provide a family of 4 access to Playdale Farm, £120 pay for an overnight residential for 8 Young Carers at Filey Youth Centre, £250 would pay for First Aid training for a group of 10 - Pat Gosling

Our wish would be for a home for myself  mum and brother as we are currently homeless, but if true wishing would be for our home to be a small holding / farm so we could grow our own veg have chickens etc - Leon Timothy

I would love to get my partners Honda Civic resprayed. He has help me so much in the last year dealing with any health issues and it would be a great way to re pay him - Diana Pearson

I would like the inards of my fitted wardrobe to be updated - Kath West

I would love to go to where Casualty is filmed and meet some of the actors especially Jamie Davis - Chantelle Collinson

I would like to take my bestfriend Jordan to see a Rihianna concert and if possible meet her because it has always been her dream - Dannii Doubtfire

To have the house to be finished decorated. Me, my husband and three girls have lived in this house 5 years and still there isn't a room fully decorated how we would like it. This is due to both time and money and is making my time in the home miserable! It would be a dream come true for us as a family if you could make it come true - Lindsay Greenwell

- All I ever wish for is to be with my true love. She lives in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Please grant us our wish and provide a one way transport for one, me only from Scarborough to Cancun in mexico along with a little cash for clothes there - Darren Wails

 My wish is to have my hallway redecorated and new doors fitted - Christine McCoubrey

I wish I had a nice reliable BMW car to get to work instead of my old thing that the radio or heater doesn't work - Richard Bostock

My wish is for my 4 year old daughter to meet Olly Murs as she absolutely adores him and always has. She's got all 3 cd's and has been to see him twice.  I've tried everything I can think of to make her dream come true with no luck  -Tracy Owen

I wish for my garden to be transformed for my 2 young children so they can play safely - Kelly Harrison

In November 2007 my 34year old sister died from breast cancer, in June 2012 I lost my mum to lung cancer she was 67, and in April this year I lost my dad to prostate and bone cancer, my sister is buried in woodlands and my mum was cremated, my mums ashes were buried with my dad and dad was buried in sisters grave, so my wish is to have a new headstone for all 3 of them - Jackie Emms

This has been a wish since I was little and first watched Calamity Jane, I would love to meet Doris Day, she lives in Carmel California - Andrea Willis

I wish we could get a pergola to add that finishing touch to our garden - Ian Parkin

My wish would be to have my garden done and fenced off so my dog can't escape, as at the moment it's full of weeds and rubbish and no fence - Andrea Dixon

My wish is that someone buys my old car. We are expecting our first baby in Nov and are trying to redecorate the house, including having a new bathroom and kitchen fitted. Getting rid of the car would be one less thing to worry about and would also give us some money to use on the house - Lucy Blaydes

My wish would be to get my sun a bouncy castle for his 7th birthday party on 26th sept as i just cant afford to do it - Maxine Cook

I wish I could afford to pay for my honeymoon - Kirsty Rawlinson

I have 6 boys and we own a 3 bed terraced. My dream would be to give them a home where they had room for all there needs, space to grow into individuals - Maria Machin

My wish would be to get my son who has needs, a new bike as outgrown his old one and cannot ride a 2 wheeler - Zoe Lewis

My wish is to meet Bars and Melody or 5SOS because they make me happy every single day and they make me smile when all I want to do is cry. Their music is perfect and helps a lot of people and I would love to meet either of them just so I can hug them and thank them for saving people. It would mean the world if my wish was granted - Lucy Bloomfield

My wish would be to replace the bench outside St Catherines Hospice with a new one in memory of my brother who passed away in the hospice last september aged 46. He loved the view and I go sit there now - Fiona Busby

I wish we could raise the profile and awareness of local Road Racing Champion James Neesom who has just visited the Isle of Man Manx GP and secured a 1st place podium in the Supertwin class, James paid for all his machinery and travel etc with very little sponsorship and managed to lift the crown! (for which he gains very little recognition) - Richard Kirby

I've been cleaning toilets and showers after other people on holiday for quite a while now and on low wages, I'm trying desperately to start my own small business up baking and selling home made cakes and scones and visiting local shows. My wish is to own a small catering trailer which I could tow around with my old Landrover Defender 90 and paint it with the same colours as my Landy. Then give it a Country Cakes / Farmers treat like name - Barbs

I wish to have a new washing machine that works properly! Mine keeps making noises, and breaking down. I then have to wash by hand till I can afford to get it fixed. I don't have a yard or a washing line so my washer is really essential to me -  Irene Bates

I wish my sister in law would gain some financial help with her bills after recently being diagnosed with cancer. She has undergone an operation and is currently receiving chemotherapy. Joanne is a single mother who struggles to make ends meet and is now faced with a lengthy time off work. Worrying about mortgage payments and bills is the last thing she needs during her recovery period - Richard Kirby

I wish we could have our bathroom changed and our kitchen tap changed. If not a family trip to Churchill, Canada to see the Polar Bears - Leslie Sykes

 Though I do voluntary work, I would love a full time paid job - Andrew Ward

I wish someone would take over and change the outhouse roof from a pitched roof to a flat roof and put in a new window to access a roof garden. This would transform our shaded house to a warm haven - Heather Simpson

I wish for new carpets in my home, and a 7 seater car for my growing family - Jodie Bean

My grandparents have brought me up, been there for me through think and thin and been there for my children so much. At the moment they live in the city, i would love for them to live up here so they could live the rest of their days in a breathtaking place and be content. My wish would be to help this happen - Kelly Boyd

After following my fiance 180 miles and relocating in Scarborough,i would love to see her walk down the isle and be mine forever - Chris Sharma

My greatest wish is for someone to sort my garden out and make it managable for me. I work full time at the hospice and six nights a week o I dont have much spare time. I love my garden but it is definitely in need of some tlc. It could be a wonderful, restfil place of it was organised and i only had to cut the grass - Pam Jones

I would love some friends/companions for my 22 year old daughter - Sue Groom

I wish for some plants (especially winter plants, bright colourful bedding plants for summer and perennials) for Newby and Scalby In Bloom to go in the beds around the local area - Zoe Groom

I wish to nominate my friend, Gaynor, who has a disabled son. She doesn't get time out, she looks after him 24 hours a day and i would love to send them to look at the elephants for a day at Flamingo Land. They must have 600 ornaments, teddies etc in her home and i know this would mean the world to her to do, she would love it - Ann Johnson

My wish is to have our outstanding jobs sorted. Our kitchen jsut needs some new doors, the bathroom needs a shower fitting and tiling. We have been waiting for our little girl to go in to hospital and would love to take away the stress of trying to get all these jobs finished so that we can get on with caring for her - Jackie Zegstroo

My wish is for a walk in shower, i am unable to bath due to disability and cannot afford a shower - Nicolette Middleton

My wish is for Andrea Bocelli to come and perform at the Open Air Theatre and for me to have front row seats and pictures - Kathryn King

My wish is for a second hand mobility scooter so that I can go shopping with out having to find a parking space and theirs not much I can carry as I use crutches to walk around and I cannot go far also it would be nice to take my German shephard for longer walks - Jane Shorrock