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Shape up for Summer

It's not too late to think about getting in shape for the summer.  If you're looking for the perfect body for the beach, or just wanting to feal healthier, the team at the Crown Spa Hotel Health Club can help.

Over the next few weeks Paddy and Tom Hooper will be shown the ropes by the team at the Crown Spa.  Keep checking back to see how keeping fit and healthy can be fun, and to see how they are getting on.


Week One

Paddy and Tom are with Personal Trainer, Ross, and having a go at some upper-body cardio fitness.

Week Two

Paddy and Tom hit the treadmill, and get some help from John at the Crown Spa Health Club.

Week Three

Paddy and Tom try the rowing machine. It all seems to be going well for Paddy until disaster strikes!

Week 4

Paddy and Tom have a go on the bikes. Surely Paddy won't fall of this week?...

Week Five

Paddy & Tom bounce around working muscles they never even knew existed! But who wins this week?

WEEK 6...

Paddy & Tom are in the pool.. So, if you can bare to watch them half naked, enjoy this final challenge in the swimming pool at Crown Spa Health Club!

You could win a 3 month gym membership for the Crown Spa Health Club by answering the question below.

What will a 'cardio workout' help you to burn?

A) Calories   B) Cakes   C) Carrots

Closing date: Sunday 15 June 2014

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