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Coast Life

Coast Life
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The Yorkshire Coast Daily - Jan 3rd 2019

Today's news and interviews from Yorkshire Coast Radio

3rd January 2019 11:26am

The Yorkshire Coast Daily - Jan 2nd 2019

News and Interviews from Yorkshire Coast Radio

2nd January 2019 16:32pm

Getting the right advice when selling your home.

Selling our home is something we will probably only do an handful of times in our lifetime. So how do we make sure we are getting the right advice and assistance from the people who do this everyday?

Ralph Shalom from RJS estates talks about the role of the estate agent and about what we should be looking for when choosing an agent.

13th May 2016 12:11pm

Adult Learning Tasters

We hear about the new adult learning taster courses available on the Yorkshire Coast.

27th April 2016 13:28pm

Is your tablet harming your eyes?

Could your tablet, phone and TV be damaging your eyesight? We discuss the effects of blue light with Pagan & McQuade's Gary McQuade.

22nd April 2016 17:55pm

Organising a charity event

What's involved in organising a charity event? We meet the Yorkshire Coast College students organising a charity fundraiser as part of their assessment.

22nd April 2016 17:36pm

Colour The Coast

Colour The Coast is a 5k event with a difference. This spectacular new hospice event is set to be the first ever colour run to be held on a Yorkshire beach. We find out what it' all about.....

21st April 2016 15:43pm

Selling Sentimental Jewellery

What should you consider when thinking about selling jewellery that has sentimental value? Ricky from Bond Jewellers talks about the process and looks at some alternatives.

20th April 2016 17:39pm

Mindful Nutrition

We explore 'mindful nutrition' and it's role in weight loss and weight loss surgery with the experts from Spire Health Care's Hull and East Riding Hospital.

18th April 2016 17:57pm

40 Years of Gardening

As Eastfield Garden Centre celebrates it's 40th year we meet the team who make it all work.

15th April 2016 14:52pm

Used Cars

What sort of car buyer are you? We talk all things used cars with the team from Des Winks Skoda.

15th April 2016 14:49pm

Clean up your cleaning

We meet the Scarborough woman bringing environmentally friendly cleaning to the UK.

12th April 2016 13:17pm

Racing returns to Oliver's Mount

We look ahead to the Bob Smith Spring Cup at Oliver's Mount with Scott Beaumont from Oliver's Mount Racing.

11th April 2016 14:07pm

Safe Cycling

Why are cyclists suddenly riding in the middle of the lane? The East Riding Road Safety Team explain what cyclists and motorists need to know.

11th April 2016 13:16pm

Diabetes and Insurance

What effect does having diabetes make to your ability to get insurance? The team from Special Risks Bureau offer some insights.

11th April 2016 13:18pm

The results of sensible dieting

Why losing weight doesn't necessarily mean giving up all the food you like, we hear from one local man who has shed the pounds and still eats the odd pizza, thanks to a bespoke plan from Scarborough Wight Loss Clinic.

23rd March 2016 15:06pm

Apprentice Week - Engineering

We hear the experiences of two engineering apprentices at Yorkshire Coast College

17th March 2016 17:48pm

Apprentice Week - Healthcare & Motor Vehicles

We explore careers in the motor industry and the health care sector as we talk to the team behind apprenticeships at Yorkshire Coast College.

16th March 2016 17:07pm

The 2016 Budget Explained

We get to grips with today’s budget and assess how it affects you, your family and businesses on the Yorkshire Coast, experts from Winn & Co Chartered Accountants explain the key points.

16th March 2016 17:39pm

Apprentice Week - Business & Admin

We continue our series on Apprenticeships and meet more Yorkshire Coast College apprentices.

15th March 2016 16:23pm

The Lambretta Scooter Story

We explore the world of the Lambretta Scooter with Ray and Ben Kemp fro AF Rayspeed

15th March 2016 15:35pm

Apprentice Week - Cooking

We meet a cookery apprentice from Yorkshire Coast College and explore the opportunities for careers in the kitchen.

14th March 2016 16:53pm

Apprentice Week - Uni's not for me!

An award winning apprentice tells us why he quit university for an apprenticeship and how North Yorkshire County Council's Adult Learning Service helped him.

14th March 2016 16:28pm

Happiness in education

What role is there for happiness in our children's education? Headmaster of Scarborough College, Charles Ellison, discusses the issues.

10th March 2016 17:11pm

The guide to acupuncture

It’s Acupuncture awareness week, but how does it work and what can it be used for? We talk acupuncture and complimentary therapies with Brendan O’Sullivan from O'Sullivans Complementary Health Clinic.

9th March 2016 17:10pm

Healthy lifestyles and insurance

We hear how keeping fit can save you money on your life insurance

8th March 2016 17:19pm

The Mist Bar Project

Julian from Mist Bar updates us on his project to give local musicians somewhere to perform in the town.

4th March 2016 16:30pm

Carpet Trends

Why is grey the on trend colour for floor coverings and are man made fibres any good? We speak to the experts from Calverts Carpets.

29th February 2016 17:30pm

The hidden features of your spectacles

Your spectacles are hiding things from you. We hear about the subtle design features that you've probably never noticed but which make a big difference to the way they work. Pagan and McQuade’s Gary McQuade provide the expertise.

26th February 2016 15:23pm

Help with reading

Reading is key to our education but what we can do to help our kids if they are falling behind? We speak to the Butterfly Reading School.

24th February 2016 16:49pm

Affordable first cars with telematics

Why having a black box in your car, monitoring your driving could save you money on car insurance and make it easier for first time drivers to get on the road! We hear about telematics with the team from Minstergate Peugeot.

24th February 2016 16:00pm

Filey Ladies Lifeboat Guild

There are some big events coming up in Filey this year to help raise money for the towns lifeboat and the Filey Ladies Lifeboat Guild are looking for further support. We hear what they do and what it means to the RNLI in the town.

22nd February 2016 17:56pm

Motability Scheme for Cars

We talk about the Motability scheme, how it can be used to lease a car and how cars can be adapted to meet the driver’s needs. Jamie Wrae is the Motability expert at Des Winks Skoda.

22nd February 2016 17:40pm

The Custom Shed

We talk Sheds with the team from Flixton Sawmill. They have made some big sheds in their time and for some unusual purposes, we’ll find out just how varied custom built sheds can be.

19th February 2016 17:38pm

Jewellery Repairs

What are the main causes of damage to rings, necklaces and bracelets? How can we look after our jewellery and how easily can it be repaired? Ricky from Bonds Jewellers shares his experience.

17th February 2016 11:21am

Scarborough Amateur Boxing Club

We talk boxing with the coaches and boxers from Scarborough Amateur Boxing Club.

17th February 2016 11:24am

Wilf Ward Family Trust - Relationships

It's valentine's weekend and the team from the Wilf Ward Family Trusts are talking about relationships.

12th February 2016 17:06pm

The New Kia Sportage Part 2

We look at the features inside the new Kia Sportage with the team from Vantage Kia in Scarborough.

12th February 2016 16:48pm

The New Kia Sportage Part 1

What’s involved in launching a new car. The Kia Sportage is getting an update we talk to the team from Vantage Kia about the new model and how we can get hands on with it.

11th February 2016 17:01pm

Building a new campus

The roofs nearly on at Coventry University Scarborough Campus. But how big a job is it constructing modern buildings? We talk about the techniques and technology used in building a new campus and explore what it will offer future students.

10th February 2016 17:03pm