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Yorkshire Coast Radio News

The Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team

424282-750x500Yorkshire Coast Radio's news team brings you the latest stories from along the coast, across the UK and around the world.
They're always looking for important local issues, so if you know of a news story in the area, get in touch via the links above, or by using the form at the bottom of this page.

The team consists of:

  • Matthew Pells - Content Manager
  • Jon Burke - Senior Multimedia Journalist
  • Karen Liu - Multimedia Journalist
  • Andrew Snaith - Multimedia Journalist

They are part of a wider team in the North, made up of another 7 journalists.


The team is responsible for selecting the stories that matter to the people of the Yorkshire Coast every day – and presenting them in a fair, balanced and timely way.

They bring you up to date with the stories that have been breaking overnight, with on-air news bulletins throughout the day.

You can rely on Yorkshire Coast Radio News to deliver the latest breaking news when it happens, so you can find out the very latest on air and online.

They run a comprehensive online news service, which offers all the local news for Scarborough, Whitby, Filey and Bridlington as well as the villages on the Yorkshire coast.

All our news is delivered to the highest standards of journalistic integrity – with accurate, fair and balanced reporting.

To contact the news team, use the form below...

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Contact the News Team