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China ups production of banned ozone-damaging liquid, report says

China is to blame for much of an increase in illegal ozone-depleting substances (ODS), a study has warned.

Tiananmen Square: Iconic 'tank man' image recreated as inflatable art

An artist has recreated the Tiananmen Square "tank man" image with inflatables to mark 30 years since the Chinese government crackdown.

India election: Narendra Modi secures second term after sweeping victory

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has secured a second term after winning the country's general election.

Warnings over Trump's plans to pardon war crimes suspects

Donald Trump's plans to pardon several US military members accused or convicted of war crimes have been met with disbelief and anger.

More than 1,200 Jewish Holocaust victims buried after mass grave discovered

More than 1,200 Jewish Holocaust victims, whose remains were discovered earlier this year after builders stumbled across a Nazi-era mass grave, have been buried in Belarus.

Wanted man offers to turn himself in if mugshot gets 15k likes

A wanted man has made a bargain with police to hand himself in if his wanted poster gets more than 15,000 likes on the force's social media.

EU elections: UK goes to the polls

Voting has got under way in the UK today to elect MEPs to the European Parliament.

British woman dies in Majorca on Edinburgh-bound Ryanair flight

A British woman has died on a Ryanair flight as it was due to take off from Majorca's Palma Airport.

FIFA u-turn as 2022 World Cup in Qatar will not be expanded from 32 to 48 teams

FIFA has said the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will not be expanded to 48 teams and will instead stick to 32.

Italian fashion house Prada to stop using fur from next year

Italian luxury fashion house Prada has announced it will stop using animal fur from next year.

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