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Storm chasers tracking Texas tornado killed in car crash

Three storm chasers have been killed in a car crash while apparently driving towards a tornado in Texas, police said.

Toshiba's nuclear unit Westinghouse files for bankruptcy protection

Toshiba's Westinghouse Electric (WE) division, which is set to power a planned nuclear plant in Cumbria, has filed for bankruptcy protection from creditors.

Climbers asked to remove rubbish on Mount Everest after deadly avalanches

Climbers in Nepal are being urged to help remove rubbish from a Mount Everest camp abandoned two years ago when a massive earthquake triggered avalanches that killed 19 people.

White House denies trying to silence evidence of Russia ties

The White House has denied it tried to stop potentially damaging evidence about links between the President's team and Russia from being made public.

Francois Fillon's British wife Penelope charged over 'fake jobs' scandal

Francois Fillon's British wife has been charged over the fake jobs scandal that has engulfed her husband's French presidential campaign.

Man quizzed over death of British dancer in Australian strip club

Police have questioned a man over the death of a British dancer at an Australian strip club.

Critically endangered Indochinese tiger cubs found in Thai jungle

A "miraculous" new breeding population of a critically endangered tiger species has been found in a jungle in Thailand.

Samsung to release new phone after Note 7 woes

The latest smartphone from Samsung is expected to be unveiled later today.

Quadriplegic man's arm and hand brought back to life by thought-control tech

A quadriplegic man has had his right arm and hand brought back to life with the help of thought-control technology.

US diplomat hits back at Mosul civilian death claims

A former US ambassador to the United Nations has hit back at claims of an increase in civilian casualties in the battle for Mosul.

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