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Student charged after taking five baby alligators for a ride in US taxi

A student who took his pet baby alligators on a taxi ride has been charged with importing or possessing wildlife without a permit.

US firms pull ads from Google as boycott over hate videos grows

Major US firms have pulled advertising from Google's YouTube platform as the internet giant faces widening pressure over hate videos.

Man charged over disappearance of toddler Cheryl Grimmer in 1970

A man is due to appear in court charged with the murder and abduction of a toddler who vanished from a beach 47 years ago.

South Korea starts raising sunken ferry three years after disaster

A South Korean passenger ferry that capsized and sank nearly three years ago killing more than 300 people has started to be lifted from the water.

Westminster attack: social media unites #wearenotafraid #prayforlondon

Social media users around the world have united in a show of support for the people of Britain following the terror attack in London that left at least three victims dead.

Westminster attack: 'I saw 8-10 people lying on the ground'

A witness described seeing around 8-10 people lying on the ground on Westminster Bridge after they were hit by a car driven by a suspected terrorist.

Westminster attack: Police officer among four dead in terror attack

Four people are dead after a knifeman ploughed a car into a crowds outside the Houses of Parliament then stabbed a police officer in a major terror attack.

Eurovision: Ukraine bans Russian singer over Crimea visit

Ukraine has banned a Russian singer from entering the country to compete at the Eurovision Song Contest.

'What If?' Victim of Brussels terror attacks remembered one year on

It’s a year since the attacks in Brussels.

Wreckage of Coastguard helicopter located off Ireland's west coast

The wreckage of a Coastguard helicopter which crashed off the west coast of Ireland last week has been located.

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