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Scarborough Athletic Chairman Updates Fans

Trevor Bull Video

Published at 9:45am 25th April 2020.

The Chairman of Scarborough Athletic Football club has been updating fans on the clubs situation on the day that would have seen them playing their final league game of the season.

In an update to fans Trevor Bull says..

"This week would have seen our final home game of the season with all the usual traditions taking place. I’m sure some of you would have been wearing replica shirts from years gone by, the players would have completed a lap of honour and I’m sure a glass or two would have been raised in the bar. If all had gone to plan we may have also been looking forward to a return to The Riverside for the County Cup Final. We may still get to that Cup Final but I’ve no idea when that might be. 

The FA confirmed the end of our season and that it will be expunged from the records. Whilst the impact on ourselves of that decision is minimal, spare a thought for South Shields who were riding high and very likely to be champions and gain the promotion they deserved. FC United were also in good form standing in second place also with hopes of promotion. This all means that as long as all the teams survive the current crisis our league next season will have the same teams in it as the last one. "

Trevor says the clubs supporters, players and staff have really pulled together to cope with the challenges of lockdown.

"This is an extremely difficult time for us at the moment and our biggest problem moving forward is that we still have a number of fixed expenses relating to the running of the club that have to be covered on a monthly basis whether we are playing football or not."

"It’s times like this that you find out who’s in your corner. Our players have responded brilliantly to the clubs situation. We came to a mutual agreement with them over the remainder of their contracts which is to everyone’s satisfaction. We appreciate the financial impact on all our players and staff and thank them for their help towards securing our clubs future.

In the four weeks since all football stopped, everyone has been working hard to raise the money to save our club and we have been making good progress. 
Our fellow fans, the Valley Bar Seadogs have raised an amazing £8,000 through their “GoFundMe” page and we have also received a further £8,000 in individual contributions, £4,500 has been raised so far through these virtual games and we have received a £1,000 donation from our Supporters’ Club making a fantastic total of £21,500 raised to date. As I write these notes we are still needing to raise £3,500 and our commercial team are working hard on some new projects which will be announced in the near future. "

Trevor says there are a number of things that Scarborough supporters can do to help the club..

"If you're looking for ways that you can help secure our future I would ask you to do two things...

1. Become a member / shareholder of the club. The cost is £15 per year and it gives you the opportunity to have a say in the running of the club.

2. Join the Boro Draw. For just £5 per month you will be helping the club financially and you could win up to £250 in the monthly draw.

Our average crowd this season is 1,001 and if we can get half of those to join the Boro Draw for £5 a month it will go a long way to securing our future.

We don’t yet know when football will start again but I can assure you that your board of directors are continuing to work extremely hard to make sure we’re ready when it does. "


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