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Bridlington Town Manager Stands Down

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Published at 8:18pm 9th September 2018. (Updated at 11:35am 10th September 2018)

Bridlington Town manager Curtis Woodhouse has 'stood down' from the role.

In a statement on the clubs website, Bridlington Chairman Peter Smurthwaite said:

"I have today been informed by Curtis Woodhouse of his decision to stand down as Manager of Bridlington Town due to the change in his personal circumstances.

He has recently opened his new Elite Boxing Academy in Driffield which will take up most of his time to make it a success.

I take this opportunity to thank Curtis for his hard work as Manager in the time he has been at the club and wish him every success with his new venture."

Curtis Woodhouse has released his statement: 

I feel the time is right for me to step down as Bridlington Town first team manager. It’s a role I feel privileged to have held and one I have thoroughly enjoyed but the demands on me have become too much and I’ve not been able to give the role anywhere near 100% and I’ve started to feel very jaded and at times absolutely shattered. 

When I first took on the role although it was a part time position I treated it as a full time job. I would travel all over the North of England watching games and making sure the team was prepared the best we could be and very little slipped by me but I haven’t been anywhere near that recently as I just haven’t had the time and with me retiring from professional boxing on Wednesday I feel the time is right for me to step down as Bridlington Town manager and step away from football management. It’s impossible for me to ask for everything from my players when I’m not giving everything, the players deserve better than that. I wouldn’t be the man I think I am if I took money for a job I wasn’t doing to the maximum and I wouldn’t be able to look at our fantastic chairman Peter Smurthwaite in the eye knowing that I wasn’t able to give 100%. Everything Peter promised to me he has delivered on and he deserves more than what I can offer at this moment in time. 

With the opening of the Curtis Woodhouse Elite Boxing Academy I’ve been in the gym taking classes from 7am to 9pm Monday to Friday then 7am to 11am Saturday morning and also have 3 children of my own that are missing out on Dad. On top of that we had training or a game with Bridlington Town on a Tuesday evening 8 - 9pm then training again 8 - 9 on a Thursday with a game on a Saturday and I’ve just been unable to make the sessions and the team as a consequence has looked disjointed and that is my responsibility but hand on heart I’ve just not had time to be on top of it, unfortunately the big man only gave us 24 hours to play with. 

I’ve always prided myself on my preparation and always been a step ahead and that is no longer the case. I would like to place on record my thanks to all the players that have pulled on the shirt for me and gave there all, I’d like to thank all the fans that are always behind the team come rain or shine, all the volunteers at the club that work behind the scenes to make Bridlington Town the fantastic football club it is and last but not least the chairman Peter Smurthwaite who I’ve know from afar for a long time and always had a ton of respect for him for what he does for the local community and played an integral part in me setting up my Academy by making a very generous sponsorship package to get us some much needed equipment. Peter goes above and beyond and they don’t make em like that anymore and to work for him has been a privilege. Bridlington Town and East Yorkshire in general are very lucky to have Peter and at times I don’t think they realise just how lucky. Queensgate will always hold a special place in my heart from playing there in cup finals for Bridlington Rangers when I was just 10 years old to managing Bridlington Town, it’s a very special place for me and one of the main reasons for me stepping down as manager is I know and have known a lot of people connected to the club for nearly 30 years and I can’t look them in the eye knowing I’m not giving every ounce I have so it’s time to let somebody else give the time and commitment this fantastic football club deserves. On a personal note I’m also stepping away from social media to concentrate my time to working within my own community with the young people to give them a better platform in life so they can go on and achieve and it’s a role I’ve loved and now look forward to giving 100% to. We have had a crazy response through my Academy and some kids that have walked through the door as shy nervous vulnerable kinds are walking out 4 weeks later a different animal and that makes me really proud and wants me to really take that to the next level and for that it needs my undivided attention. 

The club have announced that Brett Agnew will be assisted by Anthony Bowsley in a caretaker management roll.


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