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Rosie Ramsey Chats To Paddy In The Morning

Rosie Ramsey

Published at 1:04pm 14th November 2019. (Updated at 1:06pm 14th November 2019)

Podcast star Rosie Ramsey joined Paddy In The Morning today and chatted about all sorts including how well her hubby Chris is doing on Strictly Come Dancing.

Chris Ramsey has made it to Blackpool on the BBC1 dance show, but is still finding time to record a weekly podcast with Rosie, in which the couple talk about life, relationships, arguments, annoyances, parenting, growing up and everything in between. 

Talking about her husband's progress on Strictly, Rosie said it's been great for him for a few reasons:

"Strictly's been really great, especially for Chris. I think it's hard being a stand up comedian to get your personality across all the time and show that different side of you. And what everybody has seen on Strictly, Chris' warmness, that's him. That's him in real life. And I'm so glad he's had the opportunity to show that side of him. And he's learned to dance"!

Paddy asked Rosie if he was allowing himself to think about winning the show:

"It's one of them things. You never know how these things are gonna work. He's doing really well but there are some fantastic dancers in there. He's taking it one week at a time and he's really enjoying it. We'll just see".

Rosie was on Paddy In The Morning's show to talk about some new research Tesco Clubcard Plus has done into our shopping habits. Nearly a third of parents spend more when they take family members shopping with them. It's even higher if those family members are children. 

Rosie said she'll always spend more when she has the family with her:

"My 4 year old is very much 'I want this'. And if he doesn't get it he has a tantrum. Some days I have my mothering head on and I'm like 'no your're not getting it' and we have a tantrum, everyone's staring but I'm not giving in. And then other days I'm like 'get it, put it in the trolley'. I just want an easy life".

Hear Paddy's full chat with Rosie Ramsey here:


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