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Free social care for over-65s 'would save NHS £4.5bn every year', new report claims

Giving free social care to the over-65s could save the NHS £4.5bn every year, a leading think tank has said.

Army to get new £22m cyber centre to combat digital threats

The defence secretary has announced an investment of £22m to fund a new army cyber operations centre and told NATO allies they must become more comfortable engaging in offensive cyber operations against enemies.

Costly phone call! Distracted shoppers spend more in supermarkets

Using a mobile phone while in the supermarket increases what customers spend by 41% on average, according to new research.

UK gangs keeping 'scoreboard' for knife and gun violence

UK gangs are keeping "scoreboards" of knife and gun violence as part of a brutal game fuelled by YouTube videos in which they brag about their crimes.

EU elections: UK goes to the polls

Voting has got under way in the UK today to elect MEPs to the European Parliament.

Theresa May clinging on as prime minister as Conservative MPs spark open warfare

Theresa May is clinging on to her premiership after furious Conservative MPs granted her some light relief by deciding not to change party rules that could have forced an imminent departure from Downing Street.

Brexiteer minister Andrea Leadsom quits cabinet as Theresa May hangs on

A senior Brexiteer minister has resigned from the cabinet, in what could prove to be a fatal blow to Theresa May's premiership.

British woman dies in Majorca on Edinburgh-bound Ryanair flight

A British woman has died on a Ryanair flight as it was due to take off from Majorca's Palma Airport.

Man jailed for blowing up home while wife was inside

A 68-year-old man has been jailed for five years and four months for blowing up his home while his wife was inside.

Sacked captain Nick Cooke-Priest still in command despite being flown off aircraft carrier

The captain of a UK aircraft carrier has been dramatically flown off the ship following his sacking last week.

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