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Pioneering Spirit : World's largest vessel sets record after 24,000-tonne oil platform lift

The largest vessel on the planet has successfully carried out the world's biggest lift at sea, plucking a 24,000-tonne oil rig platform from the North Sea.

May to tell Scots: Let UK and Scotland 'flourish together'

Prime Minister Theresa May will today appeal to Scots to make the UK and Scotland "flourish together".

Sexual assaults at music concerts 'rarely reported'

Sexual assault, unwanted harassment and inappropriate behaviour at music events are common but incidents are rarely being reported, according to campaigners.

Corbyn urges young voters to stop 'Brexit for few'

Jeremy Corbyn will make a direct plea to young people to "step up" and register to vote.

Joshua-Klitschko £40m boxing showdown embodies essence of sport

The key ingredients are in the Wembley cauldron. Now for the proof of the pudding.

Man charged after ex-Royal Navy officer Mike Samwell run over with own car

A man has been charged with murder after a former Royal Navy officer was run over and killed with his own car in Manchester.

Conservative MP Andrew Turner calls homosexuality 'dangerous'

A Conservative MP who told students that homosexuality is "wrong" and "dangerous to society" has said he will not stand in the General Election.

Gambler found guilty of killing friend in suitcase murder

A man has been convicted of killing and dismembering his wealthy friend, putting his torso in a suitcase, in a plot to assume his identity and clear his gambling debts.

Drinking duty-free booze on planes 'should be a criminal offence'

Drinking alcohol bought in duty free on board planes should be made a criminal offence, according to airlines.

Just a week left to spend your old paper five pound notes

If you have any of the old five pound notes - under the mattress, perhaps, or down the back of the sofa - then spend them quickly.

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