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Traders Say Loss of Town Hall Could Rip Heart Out of Scarborough

Traders Say Loss of Town Hall Could Rip Heart Out of Scarborough

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 6:02am 17th March 2012.

The loss of the town hall staff would rip the heart out of Scarborough town centre, traders have warned.


Reacting to proposals that would see more than 340 staff relocated from the town hall in St Nicholas Street, the town’s Chamber of Trade said the move could be devastating.


The Chamber fears the council staff would move to an out-of-town centre location, starving Scarborough-based businesses of vital weekday trade.


Chamber Chairman Chris Golder said: “Moving all of Scarborough Borough Council’s staff out of the town centre would rip the heart out of Scarborough.


“The vibrancy of our town centre relies on having offices there. There are 340 people based in the town hall and then there are the many, many people who visit the town hall both from in and around Scarborough and elsewhere.


“Consider the loss of more than 340 people who regularly shop, use cafes, pubs,

restaurants, banks and so on, all year round – the effect on Scarborough town centre could be disastrous.


“Scarborough Chamber of Trade is all in favour of new investment in the town but not if it comes at the expense of a prosperous town centre.”


The proposals come as the Chamber fights to preserve a vibrant town centre through its Save Our Shops campaign.


With high street shops under greater threat than ever before, the campaign urges local shoppers to use them or risk losing them for ever.


The council makes these points..


  • The relocation of staff at the Town Hall would have a limited impact on town centre retail. Of the £145 million retail turnover in the town centre, only around £0.86 million comes from Town Hall staff which represents just 0.6 per cent of the overall spend.


  • The ‘loss’ of this level of retail expenditure from the town centre, while we recognise would have more of an impact on some traders than others, will not have a significant adverse impact on the vitality and viability of the town centre.


  • It should also be remembered that any impact would in part, or in full, be mitigated by the redevelopment of the Town Hall and associated land, with research suggesting that it could actually lead to increased spending in the town centre.



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