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Four New Visions of Scarborough Town Centre Revealed

Four New Visions of Scarborough Town Centre Revealed

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 7:14am 2nd March 2012.

Four new early plans have been put forward for the future of Scarborough town centre.

The plans are designed to generate ideas, get people talking but are not fixed plans.

The area of the town centre which is affected is the area around the Town Hall, King Street and the Futurist Theatre.

A group which looked at the future of the Futurist two years ago said that the theatre was "not viable", however campaigner Patricia David who wants to save the building disagrees.


Pauline Elliott who is in charge of planning at Scarborough Borough Council says there is no reason why the theatre cannot be kept in planning terms.

Another unknown is the future of the Town Hall, councillors have to decide whether they will move some or all of their functions out of their St Nicholas Street base. If they do, the old building would be kept as it is listed, but it could be turned into a community centre or a hotel.

The ideas will now be put out for us to give our views on later this month and we will have until May to give out views. It will then go back to the council before a final set of guidelines are published in September.

A summary of the four options which are being put forward are below:

Option A - A New Street to the Sea

Scarborough Town Centre Redevelopment - Option A

  • A new street would go from the town centre to the sea from St Nicholas Street, across King Street to the Futurist and the Foreshore.
  • There would be an escalator or a lift down to the front.
  • There would be shops on the new street and Foreshore.
  • The Town Hall would become a community centre.
  • There would also be more houses put in.


Option B - King Street Becomes a Major Shopping Street

Scarborough Toen Centre Redevelopment - Option B

  • King Street would be pedestrianised.
  • King Street would lead straight into Newborough.
  • There would be a large building on the sea front to replace the Futurist which would be a leisure development (eg; a cinema or theatre) or a hotel.
  • The large building would be built into the slope and gardens would be built on the roof of the new building.


Option C - Three Level Development

Scarborough Town Centre Redevelopment - Option C

  • This option would be built on three levels heading down to the front.
  • There would be a leisure building (eg; cinema/theatre) on Foreshore Road.
  • There would be a second row behind that, where the Futurist steps are now, which would see some small shops/boutiques there.
  • The back row from the sea would be on King Street which would be turned into flats and houses.
  • The Town Hall would be turned into a hotel.

Option D - Do Minimum

Scarborough Town Centre Redevelopment - Option D

  • This is the least favoured option by the council's planning team.
  • The Futurist would be kept, but the council say it is "not viable" as a venue.
  • The Town Hall modern extensions would be kept.
  • King Street would not be regenerated with new shops and businesses.
  • Flats would be built on the land north of the King Street car park.


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