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Rise in Stolen 4x4s in East Riding

Rise in Stolen 4x4s in East Riding

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 6:47am 18th July 2011.

Following a recent increase in the number of 4x4 vehicles being stolen in the East Riding and other rural areas throughout the country, Humberside Police have joined up with Datatag to launch a new security marking and registering system.


Over the past six months, thieves have targeted 19 4x4 vehicles; a number of these vehicles have been Land Rover Defenders belonging to farmers in the region.  They are often stolen by organised and opportunist thieves who break them up and sell on the parts. 


PC Julie Turrell, Rural Community Beat Officer, who has introduced the Datatag system to the East Riding said: “Following the increase in thefts I visited the “LRO” (Land Rover Owner) show and spoke to people from the rural community about how the police can help them, and what security measures we can adopt to prevent these thefts.


“Last year Humberside Police launched CESAR, a security marking system for farm equipment which has worked really well. Over 50 local farmers have taken up this initiative since its launch in November 2010.  It seemed silly not to adopt a similar system for 4x4 vehicles.


“Humberside Police has forged links with Datatag to introduce a marking and registering system which we will launch at Driffield Show on Wednesday 20 July 2011.


“At the show, TV personality and journalist Jerry Thurston who is an avid Land Rover enthusiast will be assisting in the launch of the scheme.  Members of the community will have an opportunity to speak to us about the benefits of the scheme.
“This is a valuable opportunity to work with our local rural community in an attempt to reduce rural crime. When a piece of farming equipment or a vehicle is stolen, that piece of equipment not only costs the farmer thousands of pounds to replace, but in some cases it can also completely bring a business to a close if the equipment or vehicle is a significant part of the day-to-day working of the farm.


 “I am determined to do everything I can to keep our local farmers and their equipment and vehicles safe and secure.


“Each vehicle owner will have an outlay of about £219 for each unit, however the benefits out way the cost significantly. These include the use of visible and covert markings on the units, which is a real deterrent to would-be thieves, registration on a national scheme and often lower insurance premiums”.


How does it work?
The new Datatag system contains overt and covert elements to give each vehicle a unique and multi-layered ‘fingerprint’ that cannot be removed by thieves. The kit has sufficient elements to mark a wide range of components and if a vehicle is stolen and stripped for parts, individual components that have been marked can still be positively identified.


The system provides everything necessary to give each vehicle a unique ‘fingerprint’. An array of state-of-the-art technology is employed including radio-frequency identification (RFID) transponders, forensic DNA, Datadots, and UV stealth etching technology. Overt warning labels are provided as a warning to would-be thieves to keep away.


The Datatag system, which has to be fitted by an approved installer, takes approximately 60 minutes to fit to the average 4x4 vehicle. Proof of ownership and proof of identity of the vehicle has to be provided by the owner before the kit can be fitted. The Datatag system secures a vehicle for life with a simple and relatively low one-off cost. There are no monthly instalments or annual fees to pay. Once the system is fitted and the vehicle registered, on the secure Datatag database, it’s protected for life. If the vehicle is sold, the new owner can re-register the vehicle in his/her name for a nominal one-off cost.


The new Datatag car system has Thatcham Quality Accreditation (TQA®). TQA® is a robust verification programme for automotive products, equipment, and services. It concentrates on verifying quality in the manufacture, design, and performance of a product or service.


Police forces up and down the country are already equipped with Datatag scanners that can ‘read’ the hidden transponders to help identify the rightful owner even if the registration and VIN plates have been removed.


The liquid DNA and microscopic Datatdots®, which are painted around the vehicle body and on various components, are impossible to remove completely and even the slightest trace can lead to a positive identification and recovery. The liquid DNA and microscopic Datatdots® are ideal for use on the valuable components that are easy to remove from the vehicle and to sell-on. These include alloy wheels, brake rotors and callipers, engine ECUs, data loggers, and aluminium radiators and heat exchangers.


Datatag security will act as a deterrent to theft, and aid in positive identification and recovery. One microscopic trace of liquid DNA is sufficient for police crime labs to positively identify the car the component came from and the rightful owner.


The uniquely numbered stencils are designed for use with the special Ultra Violet chemical etching compound that’s supplied in the kit. The stencils are designed to be used on ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic components like light clusters or glove box lids. The chemical etching process will also work on painted metal and plastic components.


For further information on how to register a vehicle, or to discuss farming and agricultural crime prevention, please contact your local neighbourhood Policing Team or PC Julie Turrell on 0845 60 60 222, alternatively please visit the Datatag website www.datatag.co.uk 


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