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Use a Legitimate Taxi After a Night Out on the Yorkshire Coast

Use a Legitimate Taxi After a Night Out on the Yorkshire Coast

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 8:02am 4th December 2010.

Scarborough Borough council have this advice..


Revellers enjoying a festive drink are being reminded by Scarborough Borough Council licensing officers to only use legitimate taxis.


During the Christmas period, hundreds of people flock to the town centres in Scarborough, Whitby and Filey to have a good time with friends, family and work colleagues.


With the vast majority of revellers heeding warnings over drink driving, many people rightly opt to get a taxi home after a night out.


However, through an annual campaign called Taxi Safe, Scarborough Borough Council’s Licensing Authority is advising people to make sure they are getting into a legitimate taxi or private hire vehicle.


Steve Pogson, Scarborough Borough Council’s Health and Community Safety Manager said: “We want people to have a good time during a night out – and this includes making it home safely.


“Our advice is very simple – make sure you get a licensed taxi home. Vehicles that operate illegally without a licence are not monitored or answerable to anyone and therefore there are not the same guarantees over standards of service or safety in place.


“We would advise people to either pre-order a vehicle from one of the licensed private hire operators or get a hackney carriage from a taxi rank.”


All licensed private hire vehicles in the borough carry a red licence plate on the rear of the vehicle and the name of the operator is displayed on the rear doors. White hackney carriages carry a white plate at the rear and a roof sign with the word taxi.


If you suspect a driver of an unlicensed vehicle has offered to take you home or you think you may have been transported by an unlicensed driver please report it to Scarborough Borough Council’s Licensing Officers by telephone 01723 232323.


This is from East Riding of Yorkshire Council..

Party-goers looking forward to Christmas and New Year are being advised to make sure they stay safe at the end of the night.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council is warning people to be wary of bogus taxi drivers.

The council hopes that those celebrating by going out will have fun, but advises that planning beforehand can help to keep people safe.

Each year during the festive season the council's licensing team receives an increase in reports of bogus vehicles purporting to be legitimate taxi services.

Anyone who travels by taxi should make sure it is a licensed taxi service or private hire car before they make their journey.

Councillor Jane Evison, the council’s portfolio holder for cultural services, housing and public protection, said: “The danger to the travelling public is from a small element of unlicensed drivers who either hold no licence or attempt to accept passengers when they are not legally entitled.

“The council wants everyone to have fun and enjoy the festive season but, above all we want them to get home safely. Getting into an unlicensed vehicle is essentially the same as taking a lift from a stranger. People should remember to stay safe especially if they are under the influence of alcohol.”

Paul Bellotti, the council’s head of housing and public protection said: "The Christmas period is one where many people who are not regular taxi users will be using taxis and private hire vehicles.

“We would advise the public to always check that they are using a licensed taxi or private hire vehicle. The working relationship we have with the taxi and private hire trade is very positive and they do a great job especially late at night - by getting people home quickly and safely at a time when no other public transport is available.

“We are working with the trade and our partners to continue to show that East Riding of Yorkshire is a safe place to spend an evening. The licensing team will also be making random spot checks and will prosecute those who operate taxis and private hire vehicles illegally.’’

The main things to bear in mind when taking a taxi or private hire ride home, are:

- Only Hackney carriage cabs can be hailed in the street or on a taxi rank. These cars should carry a plate on the back of the vehicle and display white oval door stickers and have a top light saying Taxi.

- Private hire vehicles must always be booked in advance and display a plate on the back of the vehicle and there should be a yellow oval  sticker on the front passenger car doors of the vehicle with the words - ‘Pre-Booked Only’.

- All licensed drivers should have an East Riding of Yorkshire Council driver’s identity badge, which should be prominently displayed.

Check these details before getting into a taxi. An unlicensed car and driver have not been vetted by the council and may not be insured.


Other tips to stay safe when out and about this Christmas are:

- Carry a telephone number of a trusted, licensed taxi or private hire company

- If possible, book a taxi or minicab in advance. Ask for the driver’s name and for the make and colour of the car

- Confirm the details with the driver when the vehicle arrives, to ensure it’s the right car.

- If you are ordering a taxi from a public place, try not to let anyone overhear the name and address as anyone could pretend to be a taxi

- If out with friends, make sure everyone has a way of getting home. If someone has had too much to drink, accompany them to their taxi and make sure it is a legitimate vehicle.

- Sharing a taxi with friends is always a good idea


Anyone with any concerns about unlawful taxis operating can contact East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s licensing team on (01482) 396297


The licensing team is also producing posters to be displayed in local bars and clubs warning revellers of the dangers of drinking too much and advising how they can have a fun night out and stay safe when travelling home.



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