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Social Distancing Needed to Keep Infection Rates Low in North Yorkshire

Social Distancing Needed to Keep Infection Rates Low in North Yorkshire

Published by Matthew Pells at 6:01am 2nd August 2020.

Social distancing needs to be maintained if Coronavirus infection rates are to be kept low on the Yorkshire coast.

That's from North Yorkshire County Council - which says the current number of new cases in its area is one or two a day.

It's as restrictions have been introduced in bordering counties.

Doctor Victoria Turner - who's the council's Public Health consultant - says visitors from those places need to do the right thing.

Doctor Turner says people from the affected areas - who're still allowed to visit - should stick to two-metre social distancing - wear a face covering - and keep washing their hands.

She also says if they've been contacted through the Track and Trace system they should be staying at home..


Dr Turner says the current infection rates in North Yorkshire are low and appear to be stable.


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momo, on 2nd August 2020 10:11pm
do people still realise we need to distance.as you look round a lot of places its looking like near normal behaviour.we need to look at other countries its not over and the way everyone is acting may never be normal.we all need to take responsibility and do the right thing to look after each other otherwise there will be no normal left for future generations.
TERESA PATTERSON, on 3rd August 2020 7:16am
Momo yes i 100% agree with you and i hope people
from the high infected rates be even more carefull
as i see no social distance in whitby and to find out
that a selfish person from sunderland who had a test
while waiting for results decided to go drinking in pubs
was so selfish and disgusting thats why social distance
is the most important thing to do my family treat
everyone as they have the virus as we dont know
If other people are doing the same as us which is social
distance wear mask and hand wash as we may go in
local lock down or full lockdown please please all do the right thing
social distance at all times you can still enjoy your freedom
but think of others you may come in to contact if you do not social
Distance if any were is full please move on and come back when
save to do so stay safe look after each other remember we still
have a deadly virus out there

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