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Scarborough Borough Reminded Coronavirus Still Out There

Scarborough Borough Reminded Coronavirus Still Out There

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 7:00am 11th July 2020.

Scarborough Borough Council is reminding the public that Coronavirus is still out there.

It is as lockdown eases with businesses re-opening and welcoming customers back. 

Deputy Leader, Liz Colling, said:

"You've got to social distance, you've got to wash your hands, you've got to use other measures where you can't do the two metres;  so masks, screens, sanitisers, and you walk the long way round or you walk a different way like one way in, one way out.

It's easy when things start to look normal to forget that we're still in a pandemic situation and the virus is out there.

So by all means, please do go out, we want you to go out; our businesses need everyone's support but just remember to follow the guidance and be alert."



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Senex, on 11th July 2020 11:25am
Is SBC a one woman operation? However well meaning she may be, I find Liz Colling's comments consistently condescending.
momo, on 11th July 2020 10:47pm
i would not feel comfortable shopping in town has looked too normal for my liking.masks should be mandatory in shops for distancing has gone out the window.still we shall see what boris says next.
zara, on 13th July 2020 11:52am
nothing stopping you from going out wearing a mask if that is what makes you feel safe. I choose not to wear one and do not think they should be mandatory. From what i have seen the majority are also thinking the same as people wearing masks are very much in the minority.
momo, on 15th July 2020 10:22pm
well done boris you got there in the least it will be a visual reminder that the virus is still here no matter what people think.

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