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Call-In Of Former Argos Building Decision In Scarborough

Call-In Of Former Argos Building Decision In Scarborough

Published by Karen Liu at 6:31am 8th July 2020.

Today is the call-in of Scarborough Borough Council's decision of the £22 million re-development of part of the town centre.

Last month its Cabinet members decided to push forward with a project to replace the old Argos building on Newborough with 200 flats for NHS workers and students.

The decision is to be looked at the authority's Overview and Scrutiny committee later.

The call-in was made by ten Scarborough Borough Councillors, made up of five Conservatives and five Independents, including Bill Chatt, who said last month:

"The best thing to do here is bring it back to Council, explain what changes have happened, why they've happened and then let Councillors make a decision; because as we all know the entire country's been in lockdown.

Councils haven't got the income that they thought they would have this year, have not been able to invest in a lot of programmes where they would have liked to invest.

Now things have changed; the environment in which we are has changed, the way we're going to move forward through this Covid situation has changed, the way business is in Scarborough has changed.

So should we now be spending substantial amount of money on a building where maybe that's going to change as well, because we don't know how education's going to be and we don't know whether or not people are going to come forward."


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zara, on 8th July 2020 7:19am
The council should never have made the decision in the first place to spend that amount of money on something that is not going to be profitable for the taxpayers but only the other parties involved. Why is the council (regardless of which party) seem to think that taxpayers money is there to provide the funds for their vanity projects. 22 million is a heck of a loan to take out for no rewards, how come all the other parties involved are not risking 1 penny in this foolish project? Councils around the country always seem to think they are such good businessmen. Ours certainly are not, just look at the Travelodge stupidity and how much that is costing us then of course there is the Futurist!!!
Anne atkinson, on 8th July 2020 8:13am
I quite agree with Zara, why are they considering building building accommodation in the centre of town for concerns that are on the outskirts ? And consider the traffic concerns !!! Where are they all going to park ? And given that this is a built up area think of the hazards to pedestrians. So just as a suggestion to our councillors that suggested and voted for this madness,,,,,why not put another big wheel there
Zen master7, on 8th July 2020 10:23am
Totally agree with these statements.
Let's start by cleaning up Scarborough for decent locals
And tourists. I've spoke to lots of tourists in the last
two weeks in my job. People think that Scarborough has
become a poor, dirty, shell of its former self.
The area in question and old town is full to busting
With drug and drink addled people. Just take a walk
Around Eastborough, King St, Queen Street and up
Near the lovely Old council building near Queen
Victoria statue. It's becoming a ghetto for scumbags.
Andrew Chidwick, on 11th July 2020 7:08am
I don't think the sites current plans are a particularly good idea, I mean student accommodation, really? Lets be fair most student nurses that enrol to CU Scarborough are probably going to be local and therefore don't really need somewhere to live. Don't get me wrong, I work for the NHS, but use the site to benefit the local population. I am a relatively new Scarborough resident and I believe so much more could be done in general to improve the local area which in turn would bring more people, which again, in turn, would create more opportunities for the local population. The only part of the current plan that excites me is the creation of a market square....Come on guys think outside the box when planning local developments and turn Scarborough into the great seaside town it once was.

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