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Warnings Over "Extremely Dangerous" Gas Canisters In North Yorkshire

Warnings Over "Extremely Dangerous" Gas Canisters In North Yorkshire

Published by Karen Liu at 6:01am 7th July 2020.

Residents in North Yorkshire are being urged to keep an eye out for people using silver nitrous oxide canisters.

That is from the Police, who say they have received concerns that the gas is being used and discarded at beauty spots in recent weeks.

Chief Constable Lisa Winward said:

"It's extremely dangerous and we're trying to get those social messages out there to people. 

Please do not use these substances, we don't really know the impact they can have on people's health, you don't know whether there are other underlying issues of people in particular who have been drinking, taking drugs and then taking substances.

We think it's groups of young people and we're finding hundreds of canisters strewn. It's a danger to other people and I would really urge people if you think your children are obtaining these canisters, please, please keep your eyes peeled and try and stop the risk to some of our young people that could be caused by the use of these canisters."

Listen to what Lisa had to say here:


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