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North Yorkshire Health Boss On Coronavirus Testing Statistics

North Yorkshire Health Boss On Coronavirus Testing Statistics

Published by Karen Liu at 2:10pm 6th July 2020.

North Yorkshire's Director of Public Health says we need to be careful how we use Coronavirus testing statistics.

It is as information from regional testing stations could be misleading when it comes to giving an accurate picture of the number of local cases.

That can happen when people get tested outside the area where they live.

Doctor Lincoln Sargeant said:

"It is not very helpful if you are dealing with it from a local authority point-of-view.

It may become relevant if you're looking at it nationally, so you can get a regional feel for what's happening in terms of the number of people coming forward for testing in a region.

We don't just look at one piece of data or one piece of information, which is why it is tremendously misleading if data is published without context and people get the wrong impression. It can be counter productive to our efforts."

Hear what Doctor Sargeant had to say:


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