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39 People Have Died With Coronavirus in Scarborough Care Homes During Pandemic

39 People Have Died With Coronavirus in Scarborough Care Homes During Pandemic

Published by Local Democracy Reporter Carl Gavaghan at 3:26pm 3rd July 2020.

New figures released today show that 39 people are suspected to have died in care homes across the borough of Scarborough, as a result of Covid-19.

The Office for National Statistics has made public the provisional number and causes for deaths in care settings, between March 2 to June 12 for the first time.

It shows that 39 people in care homes lost their lives in cases where the virus was either confirmed or suspected in the borough, with the first death being recorded in the week ending April 3.

The following week saw a spike in deaths in Scarborough with 10 people dying, the highest week on record for the borough.

There were 14 Covid-19-related deaths over the next three weeks, before a second spike of eight fatalities in the week ending May 8.

The positive news is that there has not been a confirmed death involving Covid-19 in the care setting in the borough since May 30, though the figures only go up to deaths registered before June 20.

In total, almost a quarter (23%) of all care home deaths in the borough between March and June 12 had Covid-19 mentioned anywhere on the death certificate, whether as an underlying cause or not.

The data includes deaths in care homes and residents from homes, who died in a hospital.

Nationally, the data shows that since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic there were 66,112 deaths of care home residents; of these, 19,394 involved Covid-19, which is 29.3% of all deaths of care home residents in that time.


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JohnfromScarborough, on 4th July 2020 1:16pm
Given all the serious respiratory infections which seemed to be present in Scarborough since just before Christmas, I think that 2 March is too late a starting date for the count of those who have died with the virus.

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