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No Plans To Open Yet Says Scarborough Bar Owner

No Plans To Open Yet Says Scarborough Bar Owner

Published by Karen Liu at 6:01am 4th July 2020.

As many pubs up and down the Yorkshire Coast open today, some have decided to remain closed.

We told you about a bar yesterday whose premises allows them to welcome back customers.

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Whereas places like the Waterhouse in Scarborough cannot re-open, as it is unable to adhere to the guidance.

Its owner, Ryan Mancrief, said:

"We've all been asked to do a risk assessment to be Covid safe and there was absolutely no way that I could adhere to the guidance; putting on more staff for instance, which would mean a higher wage bill, having a host as someone comes through the door, a doorman, people spraying the areas, and all that adds up and can make it non-viable and uneconomic.

Obviously a big part of what I do is live music and people that come in know that there's that atmosphere and it just wouldn't be the same.

I have limited tables and the guidance says that people need to be sat down and you can't stand at the bar for instance, you're not allowed to speak loudly and I feel that it would be completely unmanageable after a certain point of time."

Ryan has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Paddy in the Morning:


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