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What Will Local Councils Pay Towards Welcome to Yorkshire?

What Will Local Councils Pay Towards Welcome to Yorkshire?

Published by Jon Burke at 11:30am 1st July 2020. (Updated at 11:32am 1st July 2020)

Welcome to Yorkshire has asked local councils for a total of £1.4 million pounds.

The organisation says it's to help cover a funding shortfall, caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Its tourism board met last week, to discuss its options and agreed to further talks to reach a solution.

But what will our local councils be contributing?

East Riding of Yorkshire Council says it doesn't intend to make any further payments to Welcome to Yorkshire.

It says it'll continue to pay the money it owed as part of its contract, which this year, is about £190,000 pounds, but not the additional £55,000 it's been asked for.

North Yorkshire county council says it will contribute some of a shared £216,000, with other authorities in the county, as well as another £76,000 on top of that itself.

Deputy Leader of North Yorkshire County Council and Executive Member with responsibility for finance, Cllr Gareth Dadd, said:

“We greatly value the work Welcome to Yorkshire does and have worked with other councils across the region to consider funding support for the company, which has enormously enhanced the Yorkshire brand.

Before the pandemic we were welcoming record numbers of tourists to North Yorkshire. The visitor and hospitality economy here employs tens of thousands of people bringing around £1.9billion to the county’s economy.

Now is the time for us to get behind the tourist industry – and Welcome to Yorkshire as one of the key agents to make this happen.

To support the company at this time, it has been agreed to establish a shared fund of £216,000 to which all councils in North Yorkshire have agreed to contribute. In addition, some councils have agreed to make additional contributions. The County Council will contribute £76,600 in addition. 

However, no money has yet been paid and any payment is subject to funding being raised from across the county.”

Since 2009/10, the County Council has paid an annual subscription to Welcome to Yorkshire. This is currently £84,373. The authority has also contributed other fees, including for specific events.

Scarborough borough council says it too wants to support Welcome to Yorkshire, but hasn't given us any figures, saying they're being negotiated.

Leader of Scarborough Borough Council, Cllr Steve Siddons, said:

“We value the benefits that we get from Welcome to Yorkshire and the contribution the organisation has made to the tourism economy of our borough to date. We can also see that the organisation has a pivotal role to play in driving the recovery of the tourism economy during and post coronavirus, together with local authorities, tourism businesses and other key stakeholders, including the Local Enterprise Partnership.

It is for these reasons that we would like to continue to support Welcome to Yorkshire. However, our share of the overall financial contribution from Yorkshire’s councils must be fair and equitable. In return, we expect Welcome to Yorkshire to be accountable to local authorities, businesses and the taxpayer. They must listen and respond to the needs of the industry, clearly demonstrate how the money is spent and the benefits of our investment to our borough.

I welcome the constructive dialogue between council leaders and the Welcome to Yorkshire Board to date. I hope we can soon find a solution that will best serve the tourism sector and taxpayers in our borough and the whole of Yorkshire.”


There are 5 comments on this page.

yorkshireboy, on 1st July 2020 11:43am
Councils have been paying every year, what did we get last year and this year very little.

With SBC and NYCC telling us how much they are spending do we really need to be throwing more money into the Welcome To Yorkshire Pot.

It would be nice to hear just how much of our money was lost in the Gary Verity fiasco and how much and where are they spending our money this year.
Peter croft, on 1st July 2020 4:33pm
We are informed that WTY must listen and engage with tourism providers
For years I have pointed out to SBC councillors and tourism dept they do not listen and have no dialogue
For example the WTY Tourism advisory board has members appointed to it by SBC, these people are not elected
The meetings held are private, you used to be able to read minutes on Discoveryorkshire coast website, they are no longer posted.The appointed representatives do not communicate with anyone there are no surgeries, no contact details no emails no newsletters, but we are informed these people represent us..... telepathically!
So summarise, a body which wants tax payers money, appoints their own yes people, fails to publish minutes of meetings and has no contact with tourism businesses, that’s one hell of an organisation and yet SBC and NYC both rate it highly, is there any wonder the general public and business have no faith in our leaders and their followers.
zara, on 1st July 2020 5:37pm
thats great Councillor Siddons just keep throwing the taxpayers money at another organisation that is not actually essential to our everyday lives! How about spending the money closer to home. You will be out with the begging bowl soon because you have spent what bit of money we have left in the kitty after your generosity...
yorkshireboy, on 1st July 2020 7:26pm
I have just read a article that says in 5 years WTY were given 14.8m of public money.

JohnfromScarborough, on 2nd July 2020 10:53am
Presumably the councils (unlike the public apparently), are being told in some detail the reason for this substantial funding shortfall . Off hand it is difficult to see why Covid should be blamed -when the lockdown was on for example presumably the organisation actually cut down on expenditure such as press adverts . Looking forward to the rest of this year I do not see why it is necessary to spend money to attract visitors to come here - the cost and uncertainty of foreign travel will surely ensure that there will be large numbers of UK visitors anyway. Also need to bear in mind that hotels etc will be operating at reduced capacity. It would be stupid to spend public money to attract visitors only for them to find there is nowhere for them to stay this year.

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