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Phased Re-Opening For Bridlington Spa

Phased Re-Opening For Bridlington Spa

Published by Karen Liu at 7:33am 1st July 2020.

There is going to be a phased re-opening of Bridlington Spa next week.

Its General Manager says the venue needs to be putting on entertainment for residents and holidaymakers.

Its cafe and box office will open to visitors from Monday. 

Mark Londsdale said:

"The way I equate this building is it's like an aeroplane that can't fly.

We need to open, we need to be putting on entertainment and providing a service for the community, for residents and for holidaymakers.

So to have a plane on the runway that isn't flying is like having a building here that can't open its doors, so we're relishing the chance to do that again.

We've lost 155 shows and events, be it entertainment and private, and that's been a huge impact on the venue.

We made the decision very quickly that we'd give full refunds immediately to everybody; so we undertook a good four or five thousand refund transactions getting everybody's money back to people."

Mark has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Paddy in the Morning:


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Barra, on 1st July 2020 9:45am
When you do open up, why don’t you reduce the prices across the board for East Riding residents. We have all been affected by this virus, and most of us have had a cut in income. The amount of council tax has not been reduced, so come on reduce you rates and help kick start the local economy.

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