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Drug and Alcohol Recovery Workers Supported In North Yorkshire

Drug and Alcohol Recovery Workers Supported In North Yorkshire

Published by Karen Liu at 9:06am 30th June 2020. (Updated at 12:02pm 30th June 2020)

Drug and alcohol recovery workers at North Yorkshire Horizons say they are “here to help” people who have become more dependent during the pandemic.   
Mark Vidgen, Operations Director North Yorkshire said:

“We believe some people may be misusing drink and drugs to cope with boredom, stress, anxiety about the future, about job insecurity and job loss. They may have troubles within their relationships.  

We would like people to know we’re here to help them with any concerns or worries that they may have. Our friendly workers offer a full range of supportive services. They will work with you and develop a plan to deal with the issues you are facing.”  

North Yorkshire Horizons says the Global Drugs Survey (GDS) found that more than 55% of British drinkers who responded reported an increase in the number of days they consumed alcohol each week during the COVID-19 lockdown, with 33% of people reporting an increase in binge drinking.

It also says almost 44% of British cannabis users reported the number of days they were using products containing THC had increased, whilst over a third of benzodiazepine users said the number of days they were using had increased.

North Yorkshire Horizons says having more time on your hands and being bored are given as the main reasons for increasing the use of THC and benzodiazepine, with secondary factors including addressing mood and worries.

Mark Vidgen explained that some people may not want to start to deal with issues or they may be worried about their safety or privacy. People may be thinking it wasn’t an ideal time to start dealing with this issue and they may also be worried about their safety should they begin counselling.  

“We understand just how difficult things are at the moment and as a service we’re committed to continue to help those people seeking our support.” 

Almost all appointments are taking place on the telephone, or via online meetings for both one to one and group discussions. This allows people to access services from the comfort of their home and to interact with others who are also receiving support.  Face-to-face appointments are available when needed, with steps in place to ensure people are kept as safe as possible. 
To find out more, please call North Yorkshire Horizons on 08000 14 14 80 or email for more details on how they can help. 


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