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Warnings About Bogus Police Officer In North Yorkshire

Warnings About Bogus Police Officer In North Yorkshire

Published by Karen Liu at 7:44am 29th June 2020.

North Yorkshire Police is warning North Yorkshire residents to be vigilant after officers received a report of motorists being approached by an individual claiming to be a police officer.

The individual approached motorists in a supermarket car park, claiming their vehicle tax was out of date. He then took personal contact details for them and proceeded to repeatedly call them in the day following the approach, informing them they owed several thousand pounds in fines for unpaid vehicle tax and would be arrested if they did not pay immediately.

Police are warning motorists to be vigilant in case they are approached by the same individual or someone else using this tactic.

A North Yorkshire Police spokesperson said:

"If you are approached by someone claiming to be a police officer, they should be happy to show you their identification if asked and you can also confirm their identity by asking their name and ‘collar number’ and calling 101 to verify these details.

The police will never contact you over the phone, text or email to request payment or to ask you to transfer money to them so if anyone claiming to be the police does so, hang up immediately.

If you are concerned about whether you are up to date with your vehicle tax, you can check it by visiting the DVLA website.”

If you suspect you have been a victim of a scam or you have experienced anything similar, please call 101 and report it to the police.


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Andy Findlay, on 30th June 2020 7:42am
What a waste of time trying to call 101 is. I was kept waiting over 40 minuets and gave up.

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