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Busy 24 Hours for Scarborough RNLI

Busy 24 Hours for Scarborough RNLI

Published by Jon Burke at 3:58pm 25th June 2020.

Scarborough RNLI has been called into action by the coastguard three times over the last 24 hours.

Two shouts fell into the category of false alarm, with good intent.

The inshore lifeboat launched at about 7.30pm yesterday when two paddle-boarders were reported missing. They turned up on the beach later and the lifeboat was stood down.

The second false alarm was to a report of an object in the water near the Holbeck landslip. The lifeboat launched at 8.30am today and discovered a dead seal.

In between the false alarms, both Scarborough RNLI lifeboats helped search for a missing person. The all-weather Shannon lifeboat hovered just offshore, shining its powerful search-light onto the rock armour and other parts of the shore between the harbour and Scalby Mills. This helped the three crew aboard the smaller vessel to see what they were doing.

The missing person was eventually found on land. The lifeboats launched at about 11.30pm and were rehoused by 1.30am.

It was a busy introduction to life on station for Roger Buxton, on his first day as Scarborough RNLI’s latest deputy launch authority, the official who authorises launches.

Lifeboat operations manager, Andy Volans, said:

“The station welcomes Roger to the family but we do hope he will get easier shifts from now on”.


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