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Yorkshire Coast D-BID Report to Be Discussed

Yorkshire Coast D-BID Report to Be Discussed

Published by Jon Burke at 6:31am 25th June 2020. (Updated at 2:45pm 25th June 2020)

A Scarborough Borough Council committtee will discuss the results of an independent report into the authority's handling of the Yorkshire Coast D-BID ballot later.

It's after it commissioned a review, which found flaws in of some of the decisions made and of the communication surrounding the whole process.

Scarborough hotel owner, Harry Scott, has written to the council twice, claiming the D-BID company hasn't enough funds to do the work it's promised and therefore can be legally stopped.

Harry says the D-BID company saying it was asking the government for support proves it doesn't have sufficient funds to continue and therefore should be stopped.

At the start of coronavirus, the Council asked the D-BID company to suspend levy collections, in the interest of businesses along the Yorkshire coast, but it refused saying uts plans were needed now, more than ever.

Harry said:

"Because of numerous things that are wrong and the fact that it is unwanted, it's undemocratic and it's alleged to be unlawful and, on their own admission. it's now unsustainable.

The Council, in my view, now only has one option and that is to terminate the BID."

He's been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Jon Burke..



Below is the letter Harry sent to the Council, after the response given by the D-BID company in this article last week.

Dear Sir/madam,

Further to me email dated 17th June 2020 and my subsequent interview on Yorkshire coast radio, I am totally appalled by the reply from the DBID Company which in my opinion shows them as being exactly what they are, self serving. They believe they can do whatever they like, whenever they like and use everyone’s money in order to fund it.

The second paragraph of their reply states, and I quote, “The board of directors, have called on the government, together with local MP’s and others to assist in finding a legal way to be able to apply relief to the levy for the financial year beginning August 2020.”

Not only are they taking hard earned money from businesses, against there will but they now want to burden the tax payer in order to continue their self appointed work. It is quite obvious from this statement, the DBID company do not have the finances in place to carry out its intended work. This whole scenario is a total disgrace and the remedy to stop this injustice is so obvious.

The DBID in UNWANTED, the DBID is UNDEMOCRATIC, it is alleged that the DBID process was UNLAWFUL and now on the DBID’s own admission, the DBID is UNSUSTAINABLE.

It is my opinion, that unless there is a hidden agenda, the Council now have only one course of action they can take. The writing is on the wall, the arrows are pointing to the exit. It is time for the council to stand up and do their duty for the welfare of the residents and businesses of this borough and do the right and proper thing, TERMINATE THE DBID.

Yours Sincerely

Harry Scott

Delmont Hotel


Below is the (redacted) report, carried out by the Chief Executive of the Association of Electoral Administrators, Peter Stanyon, which will be discussed at a meeting of Scarborough Borough Council's Audit Committee today at 2pm.


There are 4 comments on this page.

yorkshireboy, on 25th June 2020 7:19am
Will this be another shambolic Council meeting that follows the Argos, Futurist, Cinema fiasco.
cbailey, on 25th June 2020 10:39am
I don't think Mr Scott fully understands the quote he is so upset about. The D-BID is asking for a legal way to "apply relief to the levy", i.e. to prevent having to ask businesses to pay it. They are currently legally not allowed to exempt anyone, they are asking for that power. It's the exact opposite of them thinking they can do whatever they want.
zara, on 25th June 2020 10:41am
why would it be any different, they take a decision and then will not back away from it because they think it will make them look bad (or for other reasons)
PhillH, on 25th June 2020 6:14pm
cbailey, if dbid dont get the money then they are not a functioning body and can be shut down by the council, thats the point being made, i've said it before but i as a bid pay have never received any ballot, plans on whats hapening pr a bill, i only received a court summons form the council and today still have no idea what my money is being spent on other than nice lease cars for the dbid directors.

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