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£22,000 Raised To Help Save Donkeys On Whitby Beach

£22,000 Raised To Help Save Donkeys On Whitby Beach

Published by Karen Liu at 12:21pm 22nd June 2020.

The fundraising page to help save the Whitby beach donkeys has exceeded its target.

Earlier this month, we told you about the appeal for the upkeep of the animals who provide rides on the beach for families.

It was created after reports that the seaside tradition could disappear due to a lack of funds because of the Coronavirus lockdown.

A goal of £5,000 was set up and the total is now at nearly £22,000.

Geraldine Gibson, who operates donkeys on the beach in Whitby, said:

"I just thank you so much. You've made something that was totally impossible, possible.

We reached a point where we couldn't go on. I mean, if we definitely couldn't make a go of it over the summer time, we just definitely wouldn't have been able to look after them in the winter time.

I'm just so, so grateful to you all. I really am.

The license we have at present runs out at the end of July. The Council wants to come out with a vet to inspect the donkeys for their new license. 

So at the present time, we're getting all the things we haven't been able to do, we're getting done; tiding the pens up, make the fields look respectable, make the donkeys look respectable, make sure everything's right."

Geraldine has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Paddy in the Morning:

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TERESA PATTERSON, on 22nd June 2020 12:25pm
That is excerlent news well done i am so pleased
With this news
Barra, on 22nd June 2020 6:37pm
Donkeys on beeches are like animals in a zoo, it shouldn’t be happening in this day and age.
phillip barrigan, on 23rd June 2020 9:27pm
I suppose dogs on leads and cats with collars should not be happening this day and age too, and by the way it is "beaches"
Barra, on 24th June 2020 2:36pm
Well done Phillip you should go on countdown, I suppose you are in favour of animals in zoos, ha haa
phillip barrigan, on 24th June 2020 5:44pm
free the trees from Arboretums!

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