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Cyclists on Yorkshire Coast Asked to Avoid Pavements

Cyclists on Yorkshire Coast Asked to Avoid Pavements

Published by Jon Burke at 6:31am 22nd June 2020.

There have been complaints about cyclists using pavements across Scarborough borough, instead of riding on the road.

That's according to the Council, which is pointing out it's illegal to do that.

The authority's asking those on bikes to avoid pavements, if it's safe to use the road.

Its Deputy Leader, Liz Colling, said:

"It's a fixed penalty offence, the police have some disctretion and the sort of discretion you would expect. If it's dangerous to be on the road and you are respectful towards pedestrians, you can be on the path. If you're a little one, with stabilisers on your bike, we really don't expect you to be on the road - but who wants to get the police involved in these sorts of things? This is about being a good neighbour and respecting other people."


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BARBARA APPLEBY, on 23rd June 2020 4:12pm
With social distancing the Marine Drive is getting very bad with cyclists weaving in and out of people who are trying to keep their distance. The children are ok on the foot path but some of the adults are using it like a race track. They should be on the road.
neil bower, on 23rd June 2020 8:13pm
Don't mind kids on pavement but when you get two adults and by the way roads were blocked off still riding on pavement and nearly running into people then it's time to do something

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