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Council Staff Receives Verbal Abuse By Danes Dyke Visitor

Council Staff Receives Verbal Abuse By Danes Dyke Visitor

Published by Local Democracy Reporter Joe Gerrard at 7:13am 19th June 2020. (Updated at 7:24am 19th June 2020)

East Riding Council staff have faced verbal abuse from a visitor to the Flamborough area who objected to coronavirus social distancing measures.

The incident took place at Danes Dyke. A visitor had objected to signs informing visitors of social distancing rules in place and aimed their ire at staff there.

It comes after visitors flocked to seaside towns across the East Riding after some lockdown measures were eased earlier this month.

A council spokesperson said staff at attractions were there to help visitors follow social distancing rules.

The spokesperson said:

“We are aware of one minor incident at Danes Dyke some weeks ago, when a visitor objected to the newly erected signs which are in place to remind our visitors of the need for social distancing.”

Concerns over more visitors travelling to the coast were raised in a recent council Health and Wellbeing Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting.

Cllr Mike Heslop-Mullens, who represents Bridlington, said in the meeting that he feared seaside towns would be “full of tourists” at weekends.

John Skidmore, the council’s adults, health and customer services director, said towns including Flamborough had been “packed” in recent weeks.

Mr Skidmore said:

“We put a number of measures in place for visitors but the impact has been huge.

Staff were abused by some who said the lockdown was over and that things were back to normal. We also had visitors parking cars on grass verges.

So its about the message that we put out to residents about the rules currently in place.”

The council spokesperson said despite the Danes Dyke incident the coast had not witnessed “chaotic” scenes like those seen in southern England.

The spokesperson said:

“We are delighted that the overwhelming majority of people who have visited our coastal resorts and beauty spots in the East Riding in recent times have been practicing social distancing, and that we have not witnessed chaotic scenes like those on the South Coast.

We have said throughout that a visit to the coast and other locations cannot be the same experience at the moment as it used to be, our council team are out and about in various locations to offer visitors advice on, and to assist with, social distancing where required, and to promote the best ways to enjoy the experience, whilst also respecting local communities.

We would encourage visitors to continue to follow all government guidance in relation to social distancing, and would remind them that our staff across many council teams are there to help as we all adjust to the ‘new normal’, and as more and more facilities gradually reopen.”


There are 4 comments on this page.

yorkshireboy, on 19th June 2020 8:04am
Why has this suddenly become a newsworthy story.

If it was so important it should have have been reported some weeks ago.
zara, on 19th June 2020 8:36am
why would someone object to a sign? Surely there must be more to it than that. Most people ignore them anyway!
Yorkshire80, on 19th June 2020 12:48pm
Love reading your comments x
ellie7792, on 20th June 2020 9:08am
Best advice to anyone video their actions and give to Police to deal with. People act differently when they are been filmed. It's all evidence. Really all workers should have cctv on their person to protect everyone and its great evidence to use in court. Stay safe everyone.

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