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Safety Measures Introduced Across East Riding Towns

Safety Measures Introduced Across East Riding Towns

Published by Karen Liu at 1:00pm 18th June 2020. (Updated at 1:09pm 18th June 2020)

A number of measures have been introduced across the East Riding to keep shops and people safe.

It comes as some non-essential businesses re-opened earlier this week, as part of the Government's easing of lockdown.

Richard Burton, Leader of the East Riding authority, said:

"We've been providing signs across streets, the public realm, shopping centres and in car parks, all reminding people to socially distance.

We're also working on giving advice to shops to help them in regards to any plans so they can get the necessary measures that need to be put in place.

We have got staff outside who will be monitoring and keeping an eye out to enable everything to function as smooth as we possible can.

We are also in the process of opening all of our public toilets, they're all being opened from this Monday. 

So obviously they've got extra cleaning, extra hand-washing facilities in place and making sure they are absolutely the best they possibly can be.

Again, it's about giving confidence to the community and to the towns to know that all the pillars are in place now to enable people to shop safely."

Richard has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Matthew Pells:

EArlier this week, Scarborough Borough Council outlined its measures, which included hand sanitiser units and employing ambassadors.

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