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'Ambassadors' Deployed Across Scarborough Borough

'Ambassadors' Deployed Across Scarborough Borough

Published by Karen Liu at 7:15am 18th June 2020.

Scarborough Borough Council has employed 'ambassadors' to help businesses and shoppers.

It is as non-essential shops have been re-opening this week as the government eases some of its lockdown measures.

The authority has hired 10, with four in Scarborough, three in Whitby and three in Filey, to be in town centres and on seafronts. 

Liz Colling, Deputy Leader of Scarborough Borough Council, said:

"They're there to help and to give advice; so some questions might be 'is such and such shop open?' because we've mentioned this before, not every shop will choose to open.

So it's to help people know which queue to join and to keep those queues manageable.

They're not enforcement, they're there as friends so please do say hello to them. 

They're wandering around in yellow hi-vis vests, so they're a bit hard to miss."


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Zen master7, on 18th June 2020 8:42am
I've seen them. Chocolate fireguard springs to mind.
zara, on 18th June 2020 11:11am
so how much of the taxpayers money is being wasted on this folly? I thought councillor Colling was taking some time off, still seems to be the talker for the council. Are there no other councillors out there actually doing anything?
Karl Doab, on 18th June 2020 5:27pm
The local businesses are in favour of the ambassadors. Don't know what your problem is with Liz Colling? She seems alright. We need positivity now not endless negativity.
Tony Cowan, on 19th June 2020 7:21am
Being a shop owner in Bridlington, I think it’s a fantastic idea, I wish East Riding would do it here.
The only concern I have is
All businesses have been forced to pay into the Yorkshire coast “BID” surely this is what they should be doing, then there would be no cost to the council.
zara, on 19th June 2020 8:40am
Karl Doab - never said i had a problem with Councillor Colling. What i said was that she had said she was taking some personal time off but is still being the spokesperson for the council on every matter. There are plenty of councillors out there who should also be doing their bit, not least the council leader.

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