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Conservatives Call For Support On Whitby Motor Home Plans

Conservatives Call For Support On Whitby Motor Home Plans

Published by Karen Liu at 8:11am 17th June 2020.

The Conservative Group on Scarborough Borough Council is calling for support to a proposal that will see an extension to allowing motor homes use a Whitby car park.

The proposals have been put forward by former Councillor Sandra Turner who is asking for motor homes to be allowed to use the Abbey Headland car park during the winter months.

The group says there are toilet and water facilities on the site already and a nominal charge could be levied.

They added that there are at least 250,000 motor homes registered in the UK and they are an important part of the tourism industry with disposable income that could be usefully spent in Whitby.

Leader of the Conservative Group on Scarborough Borough Council, Cllr Derek Bastiman, said: 

"We welcome good ideas wherever they come from in the spirit of cooperation and in the best interest of all the businesses in Whitby and the surrounding areas.

We would hope that other similar initiatives could be explored throughout the Borough to extend the season and promote the local economy and employment which has suffered drastically in this crisis.

If our economy is to recover we need the skills of all local business and community leaders to be recognised and used by the current administration in the Town Hall."

Hero Sumner representing Whitby Eastside Traders also adds her support to the proposal:

"This idea would be great news for us all if Scarborough Council were to take this more 'inclusive' approach.

Many of our regular visitors are motorhome and camper van owners and they are a great contribution to our local economy.  They are a gregarious bunch and often meet up from all corners of the country.  

As you're no doubt aware, there are currently less than adequate facilities to enable them to feel welcomed either as groups or individuals.  

The car parks discourage them as they take up extra room and residents certainly don't appreciate their presence when parked outside their homes.  

This has led to many of these visitors saying they feel alienated and a lot less inclined to visit.

By offering a more welcoming, dedicated area for them so close to the Abbey and facilities within the town would undoubtedly help to provide a more 'inclusive' environment and give the assurance that all visitors are once again welcome.

It is a testament to the team spirit, ingenuity and creativity of Whitby businesses and communities to have created solutions where others might see problems.”


There are 4 comments on this page.

Peter croft, on 17th June 2020 10:29am
The park and ride is empty from november why not use that
Barra, on 18th June 2020 8:43am
It’s a great idea that will bring in revenue to the town.
I’m all for it.
JosieT, on 18th June 2020 9:40pm
I really hope that the SCC organise somrething positive for motorhomes. We do bring a lot of money to the town and I predict its going to be a 12mth of the year income for the town.
FIONA CLEWLOW, on 20th June 2020 10:17am
It seems a good idea to have some all-year regulated, comfortable camping, which might help take pressure off the other months. The days of Whitby for the locals from September are long gone, and I expect we will be strained by whatever capacity is left to us with this epidemic.
Worth looking into, though I think that it needs to be preferably somewhere which already knows how to operate safely, with full facilities, and not just opening a car park and charging a fee.
Would one of the existing camp sites be willing to accept an extension of their license for the Winter months, possibly SBC grant subsidised for the first Winter season, to trial the economic viability of this?

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