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£31m Income Loss For East Riding of Yorkshire Council

£31m Income Loss For East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Published by Karen Liu at 6:01am 16th June 2020.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council says it has been lobbying the government for more financial support.

The authority says its facilities in some sectors, like culture and leisure, have been closed due to the lockdown.

It has resulted in a lack of income coming in which could affect its services that residents rely on.

Richard Burton, Leader of East Riding Yorkshire Council, said:

"There's no doubt about it that finances are a big issue for us.

We've had a lot of support from the government. I think we've had about £18 million worth of support and it's so important that we can get through this income loss that we're facing.

We reckon we're facing something around £31 million income loss from the culture and tourism sector.

Until we get these facilities back up and running, this is a constant cost pressure on the council.

We've been lobbying the government to get some support and there is a lot of pressure.

The next pressure is going to be we all pay business rates and parts of that goes towards the council to support services and they are a real concern for us."

Here is what Richard had to say:


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Barra, on 17th June 2020 3:12pm
Now the council is moaning they want more money, perhaps if they had started to charge for the parking again before the last two bank holidays they might not be so desperate for money. Prepare yourselves East Riding residents for a 3.9 % council tax rise, as that is the maximum they can put it up,(unless the government gives permission) this is to pay for some of the councils mistakes and to pay the extortionate pay of the council leader.

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