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Police Stop Large Social Gathering Near Scarborough

Police Stop Large Social Gathering Near Scarborough

Published by Karen Liu at 8:36am 15th June 2020. (Updated at 12:42pm 15th June 2020)

North Yorkshire Police stopped a social gathering near Scarborough yesterday of more than 20 vehicles.

Officers say it happened at around 10.30pm when they received reports of several vehicle and off road bikes on Suffield Hill Road near Hackness, with the vehicles causing disturbances.

The police attended and dispersed the gathering with fines issued to several individuals for breaching Covid-19 restrictions. 


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Zen master7, on 15th June 2020 9:09am
Fine the parents.
I work full time and have very little outgoings and still can't afford
a keved up sports car. Neither can they, really. Its the parents
that pay, cheaper insurance and "pocket money".
If we don't do something about these clowns that speed and do donuts
through the villages late at night, (Burniston) etc then we
Will get an even worse reputation for tourism.
I'm sick of the loud farty exhausts fluffy dice brigade.
Quite frankly they are comical and boring.
Reececorney, on 15th June 2020 10:16am
Get a life mate hahahahahah
Big G, on 15th June 2020 12:27pm
Right on Zen Master7. Fully agree with you. Maybe that would put a stop to all these “wanna be’s” who think they are Vin Diessel. God help them if they hit someone with that lethal weapon they think is a toy.
David Jackson, on 15th June 2020 12:55pm
Will have you know a lot of us work hard so we can modify our cars so before people start giving us grief and saying mummy and daddy pay for them get ya facts right we were stood in groups of 6 and move around each group there were no cars racing through villages
MrLewis, on 16th June 2020 1:26pm
Maybe if there was a youth Centre or a managed area for them to go then there wouldn’t be this.
It’s our generation to blame, not them, in fact it’s the banks to blame for the years and years of cut backs.

If somebody could point out where the Tyre marks are in Burniston from the burning of rubber.

It’s a challenging time for everybody and we all need to blow off steam sooner or later, we have wine what do they have?

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