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Phased Re-Opening Of East Riding Schools 'Difficult' Process

Phased Re-Opening Of East Riding Schools 'Difficult' Process

Published by Karen Liu at 12:45pm 12th June 2020.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council says it has been taking a cautious approach in getting children back to school.

Last month, the authority asked schools to re-open a week later than other counties from Monday 8th June.

It was to give themselves more time to get the necessary plans in place.

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Richard Burton, Leader of East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said:

"Overall I think we've had around 3,000 children coming to our primary sector schools, that includes obviously the key worker children and vulnerable children as well and that's in the first week.

From the 15th of June, we'll be looking at the Year Ones' sort of phased return into school; and then from the 22nd of June, we're looking at Year Six, so it's a gradual process.

It's about building confidence isn't it? More than anything else for the school, pupils and parents.

We have been taking a cautious approach but obviously each school is different, and the buildings are different, each lend themselves to adapting in different ways.

So it's quite a difficult and complicated process but it's important also that, you know, children's education is vitally important."

Richard has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Matthew Pells:


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The Orical, on 12th June 2020 6:22pm
At no point in the recent debate has
Anyone raised one simple difference
Between British primary schools and
Those of other countries returning to
The chalkface unphased.

The simple problem is modern primary
School classrooms and their furniture!
The single desks of the past and desk
Armed chairs are for secondary schools
And appear at exam times, and also the
Lofty private school system steeped in
Traditional methods.

Remove the large tables and unneeded
Clutter to storage and use stored exam
Desks to enhance limited space. A simple
Idea back in 1976 most primary schools
Used these desks. A way forward possibly.

We've seen firms making hospital beds and PPE ,
So why not foldable desks which can help us
Claw our way back. They can be mothballed
Like the Nightingale Hospital's until needed
Again. The past holds a solution to part of
The puzzle.

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