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Plans To Be Finalised On Local 'North Yorkshire' Lockdown

Plans To Be Finalised On Local 'North Yorkshire' Lockdown

Published by Karen Liu at 7:25am 12th June 2020.

North Yorkshire is preparing plans for how the county would deal with a local lockdown.

It is after the recent announcement by the government that measures could be applied in areas where another rise in coronavirus cases needed to be controlled.

The county's Director of Public Health, Doctor Lincoln Sargeant, says details as to how it would be enforced are still unclear.

Speaking three weeks ago, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said:

"We will have local lockdowns in future where there are flare-ups and we have a system we are putting in place with a combination of Public Health England and the new joint bio-security centre, along with the local directors of public health who play an absolutely crucial role in the decision-making in the system to make sure if there is a local flare-up there is a local lockdown.

And so local lockdowns will be part of the future system that we put in place as part of the NHS test-and-trace system."

Doctor Sargeant said:

"If you have to do a lockdown that's confined to a business or an organisation, it's relatively easy to do and we do that all the time.

The more challenging situation is if you have a more widespread lockdown where you close schools, healthcare facilities and shops.

That requires a much different approach and a greater sense of engagement with multiple sectors.

The other relative unknown is what are the enforcement powers and where do those sit? Because local authorities do not currently have widespread powers to enforce a lockdown."

Doctor Sargeant added the plans will be finalised, in partnership with several agencies, by the end of the month. 

He has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Jon Burke:


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zara, on 12th June 2020 5:22pm
heaven save us from the local councils ordering lockdowns!! They are even worse than the government at organising so we have no chance. Prepare to be in lockdown for the next 20 years as the panic starts!! Someone coughs in Scarborough and we are finished.
Daisy101, on 13th June 2020 9:37pm
You sound like our neighbours who have been defying lockdown since the beginning with their bbq parties! 🙄

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