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'Government Acted With Best Intentions' Says Filey MP

'Government Acted With Best Intentions' Says Filey MP

Published by Karen Liu at 1:45pm 10th June 2020.

Filey's MP says it is too easy to say we should have started lockdown earlier.

We have been asking Kevin Hollinrake about that issue after a top scientist claimed that if we had, then more lives would have been saved.

Kevin says there are so many different elements to consider and thinks the government is being overly-criticised.

He said:

"Lots of people would say 'well if we shut this down earlier, then people would get tired of the restrictions earlier on' and then there would be less compliance later on.

There's lots of different reasons why you'd make certain decisions, not all based on a certain scientist's perspective. 

So what we really do is look at the situation and make sure we make the best decisions moving forward.

The only way you can properly make a postmortem of this situation is probably 12-24 months down the line.

I think then we'll understand what we got right, what we got wrong and learn from it. 

But I think in my view, the government acted with the best of intentions to work as hard as it could what they thought was the best strategy."

Kevin has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Jon Burke:




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