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Step Closer To Transform Argos Building In Scarborough

Step Closer To Transform Argos Building In Scarborough

Published by Karen Liu at 7:31am 9th June 2020.

Plans for the former Argos building in the centre of Scarborough should move another step closer next week.

The project aims to provide accomodation for NHS key workers and students.

Councillors on Scarborough Borough Council’s cabinet will be asked to approve the next phase of the scheme when they meet on Tuesday (16th June) which represents a £55,000 investment.

The council is buying the former Argos building so it can be demolished and replaced with high-quality accommodation for students attending the Scarborough campus of Coventry University (CU Scarborough) and NHS workers.

The building will also include retail units on the ground floor.

The adjacent St Helen’s Square would be redeveloped at the same time to improve the local area and provide much needed open space for public use and to host temporary events.

Both projects will be a catalyst for the further regeneration of the town centre with other areas being considered for redevelopment in the future.

The council’s long term ambition is for more residential accommodation to be available to change the reliance on retail and to grow the economy.

The authority says student accommodation will boost Scarborough’s credentials as a university town with CU Scarborough’s first-class teaching and learning facilities attracting students from outside the borough.

Key worker accommodation for NHS staff will help Scarborough Hospital recruit and retain skilled medical staff and other essential workers.

An artist’s impressions of the site were recently considered at a meeting of the council’s overview and scrutiny board.

Both schemes are subject to planning permission and a financial viability assessment.

Cllr Liz Colling, Scarborough Borough Council Cabinet Member for Inclusive Growth, said:

“This is our opportunity for a significant investment to kick start the economy with an innovative project to support our communities and improve part of Scarborough town centre.

Developing the former Argos site will provide high-quality and affordable accommodation that will allow CU Scarborough to extend the opportunities available to young people, enabling them to come to the borough to study for their higher education.

The location and the opportunities our borough has to offer will also enable the local NHS to attract the skilled professionals it needs.

I hope cabinet approves the next phase of this regeneration project.”


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yorkshireboy, on 9th June 2020 8:12am
So come on SBC give us the facts.

How much will it cost in total to build these flats and shops.

How much income per year will these flats and shops generate each year, taking into account the long student breaks.

Why would students want to live in flats that are so far away from the UNI.

Why are SBC using rate payers money for student accommodation.

,How many years will it be before this project has paid for itself in full.
zara, on 9th June 2020 11:32am
how stupid can this council get? We are in the midst of a pandemic where people are losing jobs etc and they want to spend millions of taxpayers money on another vanity project that will actually only benefit the developers. There is enough accommodation in the town for students and medical staff what we need are businesses that will bring income and visitors to the town. I really despair at the lack of intelligence of the people who are on the council.

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