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Plans To Be Discussed On Scarborough's Futurist Site

Plans To Be Discussed On Scarborough's Futurist Site

Published by Karen Liu at 7:19am 9th June 2020. (Updated at 6:57am 10th June 2020)

A vision for the redevelopment of the former Futurist Theatre site in Scarborough will be discussed by councillors on Scarborough Borough Council’s cabinet next week (16 June).

Cabinet members will be presented with the outcomes of work carried out by a cross-party group of councillors who were given the task of agreeing the priorities for the project.

Several common themes have emerged from their work.

They include enhancing the town’s natural heritage assets, enabling residents to live better lives, and promoting good health, education and active lifestyles.

The group was keen the site’s redevelopment would result in facilities which would “captivate all ages” while being “accessible and affordable to local residents and visitors”.
It would also need to support an all-year round economy.

While Flamingo Land remains the council’s preferred bidder to transform the site, the all-party group was keen the future focus didn’t just relate to leisure and tourism.

They wanted provision for other economic growth sectors such as digital, health and engineering, education and skills along with career development for 18 to 25 year olds across the borough.

A desire for the redevelopment to better connect the town centre, beach and harbour forms part of the vision for the site.

When asked to consider the possibility of a phased development, the group fed back that all components of any incremental work would need to be complementary.

The cabinet report to be discussed next week (Tuesday 16th June) acknowledges that discussions now need to take place with Flamingo Land to ensure its proposals for the site match the new vision.

Cllr Steve Siddons, Leader of Scarborough Borough Council said:

“The future use of this site is important for the whole of Scarborough and the borough.

I am very grateful for colleagues from across the political spectrum coming together to help define a vision for Bay Side South.

This is a fantastic opportunity for a redevelopment to make a massive difference, not least in improving the lives of residents young and old, contributing to the economy and providing a cultural facility we can all be proud of.

It shows our commitment to truly build a better borough.”

Steve has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Karen Liu:


There are 7 comments on this page.

Zen master7, on 9th June 2020 8:18am
That all sounds lovely.
However as we have seen from the nightclub bid that was fiercely
rejected and then interestingly accepted.
The same will happen here, what will bring in most revenue
and who's got the most sway/cash.
yorkshireboy, on 9th June 2020 8:20am
I have just read this article detailing how councillors spoke to each other and then spoke to the so called head honchos in the council.

What a load of waffle.

Let me get this right.

After SBC ignored the wishes of rate payers they spent a fortune flattening the Futurist.

Then they end up with a big empty area.

And now they still waffle about what is going to happen to this hugely expensive open space.

And the solution was always there, repair the Futurist, and get quality acts back in.
zara, on 9th June 2020 11:36am
so what they mean is that they are going to let Flamingo Land go ahead with whatever they want. The rest of the article is just whitewash. Well after you have spent all the income from the taxpayers on stupid give away schemes do not expect us to pay more out for you to squander. What is it with local councillors, they have no idea of the value of other peoples money. Would they spend those kind of sums on unsound financial ideas if it were their own?? Or maybe they are hoping some of it will be?
Karl Doab, on 9th June 2020 6:42pm
I disagree. They would have just gone forward with Flamingoland's proposal and bulldozed it through planning. The fact that they are looking at it again is good news.
Peteknight, on 9th June 2020 7:23pm
Its good that the new council have hit the pause button on the old council's decision to hand over the site gift wrapped to Flamingo land. Lets hope that we can come up with something more befitting of this prime location in the Queen of Watering places. Personally I would like to see more of the craft creative quarter idea which could link in and open up blands cliff and King Street Throw in some boutique type holiday accommodation in a traditional old town type street setting. All low impact and no rides and excess noise for existing residents to contend with. People go to Whitby amongst other things for its history, heritage and townscape not for fair rides, lets learn from that. We need to increase the quality of what we offer not move even more downmarket.
The Futurist is gone which is a shame (although like every other Theatre it would be facing an uncertain future) but please can we move on.
Teepee, on 9th June 2020 7:59pm
I'm sure there will be nobody else considered apart from Flamingoland, but can't we have an upstairs where local people could run restaurants, small cafes, and bars. Not the usual multiples. We have got enough Starbucks, McDonalds & so on. Help the locals for a change. We have brilliant fish in the Scarborough waters, why not a really good fish restaurant instead of the usual fish & chips. I suppose I'm waiting for the flying pigs to go by really!! It's Scarborough's chance to elevate the town & set it's sights a little higher than it has in the past. Until it's made more interesting, money will not come into the town.
Smokieno1, on 10th June 2020 9:26am
At the end of the day Scarborough is a seaside holiday destination which relies on visitors coming and spending money to contribute to the economy. Therefore it seems obvious to me whatever is built on the site should be some sort of holiday attraction FIRST, then a benefit to residents second. Both are important. As for more tourist accommodation or restaurants- doesn’t Scarborough have enough of these already? Building more will silmply take away trade from what’s already there.

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