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New Plan For Scarborough Seafront Road Measures

New Plan For Scarborough Seafront Road Measures

Published by Karen Liu at 7:06am 9th June 2020. (Updated at 7:24am 9th June 2020)

There is a new plan on what to do with the roads around Scarborough's seafront.

After re-opening Foreshore Road and Sandside at the end of last week, steel barriers were put up instead to make pedestrian areas wider to allow social distancing.

But North Yorkshire County Council, Scarborough Borough Council and Police are now going to use cones instead to give pedestrians and vehicles more flexibility.

Richard Marr, Area Highways Manager at the County Council, said:

"At the moment we're planning to remove the metal barriers but keep the cones in place.

So the traffic will still be forced to keep the same line, it's just that deliveries being emptied and other things, they could nip into the cones and do what they need to do.

Ideally we don't want to close the roads; we recognise that quite a lot of people will want to run out and just drive up the coast and then drive off again.

Businesses do need access and the open top bus, I understand, has started running again.

So we're going to have to have some sort of open road, but it will all depends on tourist numbers."

Richard has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Jon Burke:


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Zen master7, on 9th June 2020 8:21am
Good plan.
They will be kicked, moved, blown, stolen and generally abused
Do they not learn. I was in Filey last weekend when Ravine
Road was cordoned off with cones.
People simply pushed them aside and parked up all the way to the
top of the road. The same will happen here. Another own goal.
yorkshireboy, on 9th June 2020 8:27am
Who in there right mind would block access for deliveries, waste collection, emergency services, bus services, taxis.

Yes you guessed it Scarborough Council strikes again.

So now they are going to put bollards there.. Hasnt anybody from SBC realised the seafront is a big open space and the wind does blow down there..

I've suggested it before but I will say it again.

Leave the landward side open but make it one way South to North.

Close the seaward side to traffic from the roundabout at the old millennium to the Spar roundabout.
That would create loads of room for social distancing.

Anne atkinson, on 10th June 2020 7:32am
How about shutting off the entire area to traffic, with the exception deliverys, maintained etc and installing a land train from drive to spa for our less able visitors and encouraging markets ,fairs etc to attract more visitors,
Bet, on 10th June 2020 11:30am
Sounds like a good idea, just close it off altogether, if cars arent allowed to park on the front whats the point of letting them drive along, just close it, it do A good idea about the land train, so no vehicles apart from authorised are allowed.
It doesnt have to be forever, just while the social distancing rules etc are changed.

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