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Full Parking Enforcement To Return In Scarborough Borough

Full Parking Enforcement To Return In Scarborough Borough

Published by Karen Liu at 10:16am 8th June 2020.

North Yorkshire County Council says both on-street and off-street parking enforcement operations are set to return to normal next week.

It is as more shops across the county open from Monday (15th June) and the decision is to help manage traffic and to make social distancing easier. 

The authority says since the start of the lockdown enforcement has targeted only dangerous and obstructive parking, but full enforcement will be reintroduced from the 15th.

North Yorkshire County Councillor Don Mackenzie, Executive Member for Access, said:

“At any time, parking enforcement is an essential tool in helping to manage traffic flow to provide ease of access for all road users.

As our towns open up it is important to manage traffic and to support the emergency active travel measures implemented to enable pedestrians and cyclists to maintain social distancing.”

NHS staff, health or social care workers and NHS volunteer responders will still benefit from free parking, as long as they display their NHS permit or another valid form of evidence. This is a nationally recognised scheme and permits can only be issued by the worker’s employer.

North Yorkshire County Council is asking those to exercise social distancing when accessing and leaving your vehicle and paying to park. If possible, pay using the contactless RingGo service across Scarborough Borough.

Anyone needing to pay by cash is asked to use hand sanitiser before and after using the parking machine to minimise their risk of catching or spreading the virus.

On-street parking restrictions are enforced on behalf of the County Council by Scarborough Borough Council in the Hambleton, Ryedale, Richmondshire, and Scarborough areas.

Cllr Tony Randerson, Scarborough Borough Council Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, said: 

“We’ve worked with the County Council to agree a sensible approach to the reintroduction of formal parking management from later this month.

This will allow people to support local businesses, find a place to park safely and adhere to the necessary social distancing measures.”

In the run up to 15 June, warning notices will be issued to motorists with expired permits and those contravening the regulations. 

If you have a parking permit that has expired, reapply online at the Scarborough Borough Council.

Contact the parking services team at Scarborough by emailing or calling 01723 232489 with any queries.


There are 5 comments on this page.

yorkshireboy, on 8th June 2020 11:23am
Every Ringo transaction carries a charge.

There are also additional charges for some services.

If you live in Filey, Scarborough or Whitby get yourself a virtual parking permit, detail are on the SBC Website.

You then get a discount on all parking charges.
Peter croft, on 8th June 2020 12:41pm
At any time, parking enforcement is an essential tool in helping to manage traffic flow to provide ease of access for all road users.

If you believe the above statement and don’t agree it has nothing to do with raising money, you may also believe in Father Christmas and that Elvis is alive and living on the moon
Zen master7, on 8th June 2020 1:09pm
It is definitely time to get back to normal.
Of course tickets being in revenue. However now we need to
Keep the disabled bay and permit holder only areas, for
Instance, clear for those that need /paid for them.
The safety of the public is another vital part of the wardens
Role. I'm also told that they delivered prescriptions and food
Drops during the pandemic so they have still been working and
Putting themselves at risk for the community whilst this has been going on
Without the wardens there would be anarchy in the towns.
There is plenty of legal parking and we really need to get back
To normal, the wardens help that.
Diddy dave, on 8th June 2020 8:48pm
here here they have a job to do get them out and get the illegal parkers ticketed hope they do streets aswell parking permit areas gone scatty last couple months lets get back to norm but safely
zara, on 9th June 2020 11:43am
Well i am still bemused by the fact that in Filey on the main street, they have cordoned off the parking areas to enable greater social distancing - not against that at all HOWEVER, all the disabled parking on that side is not cordoned off. So does that mean that a disabled driver being able to park on that particular street is more important than people not catching the virus?? The thing is they could have moved the disabled parking to by the post office where you can still park now and as everyone knows who has been to Filey it is only a few seconds walk away!! Does anything this council do make any sense?

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