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Speed Camera Vans To Be Out Across North Yorkshire

Speed Camera Vans To Be Out Across North Yorkshire

Published by Karen Liu at 7:01am 6th June 2020.

North Yorkshire Police is warning that speeding will not be tolerated across the county.

It is as drivers return to the roads after the easing of lockdown.

A number of drivers have been clocked at speeds of 60mph in 30 zones in the last couple of weeks, and there were reports last weekend of drivers using excessive speeds on rural roads and through local villages.

Deputy Chief Constable Mike Walker said:

"We are seeing more people on the road and I'm asking the public who are driving, who do speed, that doing 59-60mph through a 30mph zone is only going to end in one thing if somebody walks out in front of you.

In some of those communities, that's where the worry and the tensions are.

We're also seeing high speeds on some of the dual carriageways and some of the A roads in the county as well.

In terms of our safety camera van strategy, we're almost back up to the full strength in terms of that because we have to; we have to respond to these speeds and respond to that behaviour on the roads.

So expect to see the safety camera vans across North Yorkshire's roads.

We're going to be focussing our attention on those routes where people are killed or seriously injured."


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Piperscot, on 6th June 2020 10:56am
Do speed camera vans actually achieve anything? I live on a main road in a village and I would estimate that around 75% of vehicles exceed the 30mph speed limit. I would say many vehicles drive through at 60mph. I do not know how effective speed camera vans are as I personally have been flashed by cars coming in the opposite direction warning me of the presence of a van. It would be very interesting to see police statistics of the speeders caught against how many escape prosecution. Does anyone have the answer? I would like to point out that if a driver or rider kills or seriously injurea someone they are sure to live through a life of guilt and misery all for the sake of the thrill of speed.
yorkshireboy, on 6th June 2020 5:18pm
Speed cameras both fixed and mobile are there for the idiots who don't understand speed limit signs or think they don't apply to them.
J46, on 6th June 2020 9:24pm
i agree with the speed and dangerous driving but what does a ticket through the post prove its just a fine and points the vans dont stop the cars etc to check for drunk and drug drivers they just carry on and get a ticket in the post. and i also think that hiding speed camera vans is entrapment you dont see speed cameras hidden behind trees or tucked away in a lay by. what happened to good old police traffic cars to deal with it rd side? more chance of taking drunk and druged drivers of rd! its ok saying they could kill someone whats to say they dont have a crash or hit someone after passing the van as i said its just a ticket in the post. bottom line is its a money making scheme not to take dangerous drivers off the rd.
Shooey, on 7th June 2020 7:52am
We live on a road in Scarborough which is close to a school and has speed bumps and a 20mph limit, it does not stop most from driving up here in excess of thes limits and I'm sure the police could spend just one day here and deter a lot of these idiots.
yorkshireboy, on 8th June 2020 8:09am
It always makes me laugh when people say it's a money making scheme.

It wouldn't make a penny if people didn't break the law.

And how can it be entrapment if you are doing nothing wrong.

Piperscot, on 8th June 2020 8:50am
I do not know the legalities of having covert cameras and I assume that cannot be done or there would be hidden cameras everywhere. I feel that it would be a great deterrent knowing that you can get caught anywhere. Maybe there needs to be a change in legislation.

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