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Visitors Urged To Be 'Mindful' Of Yorkshire Coast Communities

Visitors Urged To Be 'Mindful' Of Yorkshire Coast Communities

Published by Karen Liu at 12:46pm 5th June 2020.

Visitors wanting to come to the Yorkshire Coast are still being encouraged to stay closer to their home.

It's to help protect local communities and East Riding of Yorkshire Council's asking people to be mindful of others.

Its Leader, Richard Burton, said:

"Up until now, there's been no shops open and there's very limited facilities. We are encouraging people to still exercise more closer to home 

But obviously we're going through a gradual change but town centres are going to start open soon.

So I do really encourage people still to be mindful of the local communities and if they can exercise, do exercise nearer to home. 

It's important that we do our utmost to ensure that we don't spread the virus and once again, at this moment in time hospitality hasn't really opened yet.

Our attractions will still be there, the beaches will still be there in the near future when we move to the next stage which hopefully won't be too long.

But at the moment, I would say if you do come over to the coast, please be mindful of the local community and social distance."

Hear what Richard had to say here:


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yorkshireboy, on 5th June 2020 1:29pm
So in ten days time we will see a big increase in the number of retail outlets which have been forcibly closed since the start of the lockdown.

These businesses have just a few months remaining to try and make enough money to pay there business bills and also make enough to live on.

And in not so many words this council official is really saying please don't come.

If these businesses are to survive they need every customer possible.


Come September the town won't need lockdown as there won't be any shops left.

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