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Trial Of New Road Measures On Scarborough Seafront

Trial Of New Road Measures On Scarborough Seafront

Published by Karen Liu at 9:19am 5th June 2020.

North Yorkshire County Council says it will be trialling new road measures on the seafront in Scarborough this weekend.

It involves reducing the width of the carriageway available to through traffic, but increases the available space for pedestrians along Foreshore Road.

Richard Marr, Highway Area Manager for Scarborough Borough and Ryedale District Areas, said:

"All we are doing is narrowing down the traffic lanes with cones and barriers to allow pedestrians to walk in parts of the road if they need to walk around other pedestrians.

The measures should be going in tonight and we will run them over the weekend to see how effective they are. If they work then we might keep them in for the rest of the week.

All the changes to the lockdown measures and the public’s response to them, along with the changing weather, make all this very hard to predict, so we will not always get it right, nor please all of the people all of the time, but we are trying."


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wharto, on 5th June 2020 9:42am
The only problem with this is if it's a windy day the barriers will get blown over causing problems for traffic
Scarboria Resident, on 5th June 2020 10:29am
If there is no parking in this area, why do cars need access.
Jms, on 5th June 2020 10:07am
It’s fine as it is. At the moment with no traffic along the foreshore it allows people to walk in the road and get out of the way of large groups in the paths. As the weather gets better and more and more people come it will be impossible to socially distance if parking is allowed. Leave it as no parking.
Scarboria Resident, on 5th June 2020 10:30am
If there is no parking in the area why do cars need access.
Scarboria Resident, on 5th June 2020 10:28am
If the seafront road is being narrowed to allow social distancing, presumably it means that there is NO PARKING in the area.
If that is the case, why allow cars access.
Cars should be refused access along Foreshore and access to parking from Marine Drive only. It does not make sense to allow cars access to South Bay if there is no parking.
yorkshireboy, on 5th June 2020 12:45pm
Plenty saying ban cars.

But what about those infirm people or disabled people whose enjoyment is a drive along the seafront.

Instead of closing the road or narrowing lanes why not just make the whole road from the old Corner Cafe to the Spar roundabout one way and close off one lane completely.

Keep the seaward side open as one way with traffic travelling from the Corner, and the whole of the landward side closed.
Peteknight, on 5th June 2020 6:39pm
Its time for change. Why not be bold and follow York (proposed vehicle ban within the walls). Imagine the statement it would make in these changing times if we had a vehicle free sea front. Its actually hard to understand why we do allow vehicles down there when so many towns have been pedestrianised for so long now. The pedestrian and vehicle conflict needs resolving for good rather than temporary closures. Access could be as town centre for deliveries and if need be some form of road train ideally electric could take people around the drive if they are unable to walk or use a mobility scooter. Its also hard to understand why we still allow diesel powered buses to trundle around the front all day. Many vehicles drive up and down the front and around the drive for no reason and the growing number of speeding vehicles on the drive in the evening is becoming more of a problem. Whilst we are at it why are the speed boats allowed to be so noisy? Surely there should be a noise limit on their exhausts, if it was a car or motorbike going up and down all day something would be done about it.
Towns need to reinvent themselves to attract people, its good to see the proposed market square may go ahead lets keep the ball rolling in the right direction.
MrLewis, on 6th June 2020 10:02am
The one and only reason why they keep the seafront open to vehicles is....

I totally agree with closing it to traffic as I cycled down there when it was and wow what a different place and feeling, but unfortunately money talks.
yorkshireboy, on 8th June 2020 8:16am
Somebody says let's pedestrianise the seafront.

Please tell us how the elderly, disabled etc get to the beach.

If there were several roads running close to the seafront as they have at Bridlington then it might work.

But are you going to push a wheelchair up Eastborough back into town.

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