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Bridlington Motorists Urged To Allow Space For Fire Engines

Bridlington Motorists Urged To Allow Space For Fire Engines

Published by Karen Liu at 8:06am 4th June 2020.

Humberside Fire and Rescue Service is urging road users to allow space for its fire engines.

It comes after the re-opening of the McDonald's drive-through, on Bessingby Industrial Estate in Bridlington, earlier this week.

The situation was the same in Scarborough at the branch on Dunslow Road in Eastfield.

It saw many cars queuing up to use the drive-throughs.

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Bridlington Fire Station is located on Bessingby Gate, which is near to Bessingby Industrial Estate.

Humberside Fire and Rescue Service has issued this advice:

"In the event of an emergency, it’s really important that road users allow enough space for a fire engine to pass through safely.

Although road users generally do give way to fire engines, in some occurrences they haven’t provided quite enough room, resulting in bumps to the vehicle.

The most important message is that if you’re not sure you can safely provide enough space for a fire engine to pass in an emergency, please continue until there is safe space to pull over. When parking your vehicle allow enough space for a fire engine to pass by.

According to The Highway Code:

  • road users are asked to look and listen for emergency vehicles using flashing blue, red or green lights and sirens or flashing headlights
  • road users should remain calm if one approaches and to consider the route of such a vehicle and take appropriate action to let it pass, while complying with all traffic signs.
  • If necessary, road users should pull to the side of the road and stop, but to try and avoid stopping before the brow of a hill, a bend or narrow section of the road, as well as not endangering the driver, other road users or pedestrians and to avoid mounting the kerb.

The width of a fire engine is 2.5m wide, which is equivalent to four horses, two rhinos, or an elephant charging with its ears out!"


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Andrew MacArthur, on 5th June 2020 6:45am
Hm, I cannot say I have seen any rhinos or rampaging elephants in Brid recently...however, there was a sighting of some deer wandering around . Do they count? ;-)

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